Another start  

Anthonyblue 62M
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2/9/2006 8:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another start

I have decided to have no more contact with people on this shit site. I am not allowing people to comment on my blog anymore. I am sorry to the few friends I have on here, but the shitheads are getting me down so much that I feel the only way that I can comment on them without getting flamed by everybody is to block all people.

Now I can rant at the fuckers and treat this site like it is supposed to be. For Christ sake I have never seen more prudes, bible pushers, or holier than thou wankers in my life. Its gotten to the point on the advice lines that even if I say something nice I have tossers having a go.

As you have probably already realized I do have a tendency to say what I feel, but I believe people have been orchestrating a plan to get me thrown off this site, and it has not worked. I am going to have some more fun. You wait and see.

So yet again, for the third time in a week its,


PS My new ducks name is Goldie.

Anthonyblue 62M

2/9/2006 11:22 pm

I must be going mental. My friends can still leave comments. If the shitheads flame me on here I can just delete them. I have now changed my settings so that everybody can answer.

niceguy20402 56M

2/10/2006 7:43 am

Dear Tony,

I have sent you a reply to your letter. Here is a joke worth pondering-

Q:Why does America exist?

Ans: So they can keep all of the Americans in one place!

Best wishes to you Tony!I like your new duck very much. Over here in Oz we have a lot of antiques but our supply mostly consists of Victorian and and Edwardian pieces.

John From Oz.

Anthonyblue 62M

2/10/2006 1:06 pm

Hey John,

Your post in the advice lines made me The Godfather song was very good. I see the Amigo,s and Isboris did not appreciate your humour again. They are all glued together I think. I liked this joke about the Americans as well lol.

Catch you later mate. Take care.

rm_Icumeazy 30F

2/10/2006 2:09 pm

Hello Tony.
You are very correct about the advice lines. I have noticed they are very bitchy. I have not asked a question on there yet because i have noticed some very cliquey people who seem to focus on the same person all the time. I also notice how you niceguy and a couple of others try to stand up to them but there are just too many of them. You should not bother with any of them. You are right they have no sense of humour.

rm_muffin162 55M
763 posts
2/10/2006 3:26 pm

Anthony what is going on,i dont mind what you post,but if you are unhappy and need to talk to someone mail me your address,i will give you my phone number.

niceguy20402 56M

2/10/2006 4:10 pm

Dear Tony,

I am glad that you liked my song. I think Icumeasy is very right when she says there are too many assholes on this site and they tend to stick together.Here is a quote-"The problem with being smart is that you realize the world is full of idiots!"I am sure none of those assholes have the courage to be alone and make a stand so they hide in safety in numbers. No doubt they can only laugh when they are totally pissed (drunk) as say here in Oz.

Best wishes to you mate and take care.

John from Oz.

rm_cin95848 63F
8 posts
2/10/2006 8:12 pm

Nice duck!

niceguy20402 56M

2/10/2006 9:51 pm

As they say on the sign in the Chinese Pet Shop-"Buy one dog, get one flee". I will not rise to the bait and dignify SexySensualSane's post with a response. All I can say it that at her age she should know better.

niceguy20402 56M

2/10/2006 10:33 pm

Dear NoSexNotSensualNotSane,

I think it was very cruel of you to tease and taunt that poor retard in your neighborhod. That speaks VOLUMES about your character (or lack therof)

Anthonyblue 62M

2/11/2006 7:12 am


Yes their are plenty of arse-holes.
The disapointing thing is that the people
who I thought were nice have also been taken in
and do not realize how it all started.
I would stay off there if I was you. The women
would be very jealous of you, and slaughter you.

Thanks for the visit. Call again....Please LOL

Anthonyblue 62M

2/11/2006 7:28 am


I agree with you eentirely mate. The world is full of idiots. Unable to see the big picture. They call you and I names, and if we were sick in the head, which we are definatley not!!! Wouldn,t you think that the heartless fuckers would show some slack and just let us get on with our attempt at humour. No they take life far too seriously mate.

Thanks for your visit mate.

Anthonyblue 62M

2/11/2006 7:43 am


How dare you call my friend a dog??? He is ten times more beautiful than you. His beauty is inside. His wit and intelligence is light years in advance of you and your comrades. I am glad that I have seen this side of you. John is also correct about your treatment of the retard. "How cruel people like you are"!!!
I know from experience, that Johns insults would only be in retaliation to comments that were made against him. None of you get his humour or dont want to get it. It is your loss.

Just for the record. My mental health is perfect. Dont worry on that score baby.

Dont call again. You are not welcome.

Anthonyblue 62M

2/11/2006 7:45 am


Thanks for the visit sweetheart. Call again.

Anthonyblue 62M

2/11/2006 7:52 am


If you remember correctly. I was going to call "Brandy" "Goldie" until you suggested the name "Brandy". I have now got another and have named her "Goldie" She is the one you see here.
I will soon be putting a photo up of them together. Maybe in my next post.

Take care Nikki, Thanks for calling.

Anthonyblue 62M

2/11/2006 7:56 am


Dont let me stop you flaming somebody on my blog mate. I am surprised that you did not give SSS a mouthful, because she richly deserved it. The silly dumb cow.

Take care matey.

niceguy20402 56M

2/11/2006 10:08 am

Dear Tony,

Thank you for your nice comments. As I stated thankfully I have reached the stage in my life where I don't care what anybody thinks about me except for the people I like.What I find the most strange is that the peasants and "idgits" start screaming when they read a post they don't like and yet they are willing to "Fight To The Death" for their Right of "Freedom Of Speech". It seems like they are all in favour of "Free Speech" as long as it is they who are doing all the talking?

Best wishes to you Tony. You are a good cobber to me!

John from Oz.

Anthonyblue 62M

2/11/2006 11:00 am


You have not noticed yet. I removed you from my network when you sent me an email four days ago. Sorry honey but I seen a side of you that I did not like. I suggest that you do your own homework and gather all the facts before you judge people. Ban you from my blog??? I would not dream of it. As much as I disagree with your comments I still think you are very beautiful and look great in your underwear. It is worth getting a visit off you just for that.

bigattitudeguy 53M
140 posts
3/8/2006 6:08 pm

Sounds like bad karma. I remembered you had to take a cheap shot at me one time. hmmmm... Seems like what goes around, comes around on it's own. Reading your blogs has been a little poetic justice.


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