The Use of Uniforms in Role Play  

AnnaDiorSF 40F
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3/9/2006 2:44 am
The Use of Uniforms in Role Play

I always wanted to be an actress and perhaps this is the reason I really enjoy role play. I know many ProDommes have valid objections when they are given a script for a session, but I often act like a film producer during pre-session conversations about role play. I try to make the role play as realistic as possible, and I believe I enjoy it more than the subs!
For this reason I recently wanted to purchase a flight attendants uniform. I have a very beautiful friend who frequently wears her uniform to dinner parties and other social functions. I always assumed she had just come from the airport. She looks great in her well tailored uniform, but it is not risqué in any manner. The skirt is about three inches above the knee.
When we began discussing her uniform she gradually told me a secret. Her work schedule is very light but she wears the uniform all the time because of her husband. She often feels silly wearing the uniform at late night parties but her husband begs her to it. He would be happy if this was her only outside attire, and his desire has not decreased during their three year marriage. She believes that one of the major reasons he was attracted to her in the first place was because of her job.
They are financially well off and they do not need her meager income. Her husband does not want her to quit working for the airline because he has fantasies about her job and her uniform.
He wants to be present when she gets off the plane wearing her uniform. This woman has a perfect figure and she looks great in everything. She has no objection to wearing sexy clothes for him and her short tight dresses receive alot of attention at Black Tie functions.
The airline uniform apparently gives her considerable power over her husband because he has to continually plead with her to wear it outside. I like to wear new fashion designs but I told her that I did not see anything wrong in his request.
Many wives would be flattered by the attention. Also, from her point of view it could be alot worse. Many subs ask me to wear a French Maid's outfit during role play and this uniform could not be worn outside.
I have had interesting letters in the past from subs who wanted me to wear police or military style uniforms. This apparently gets the subs in the mood for SM play. I was wondering if any subs ask their wives or girlfriends to wear a uniform, and is the uniform related to her vanilla job?

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