The Glamour Domme Alliance  

AnnaDiorSF 40F
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3/9/2006 2:32 am
The Glamour Domme Alliance

For quite some time I have been participating in the meetings and telephone conferences of the Glamour Domme Alliance. This is a group of primarily lifestyles Dommes, and their energy and enthusiasm is really invigorating. I was obviously attracted to the group because of BDSM, but their charitable endeavors are also very admirable. Several of my friends participated in VivaGlam to raise money for AIDS awareness, and I want to do more of this in the future.
The group description is as follows:

Membership in the Glamour Domme Alliance (GDA) is meant for beautiful people, those who are beautiful on the inside. Femme Dommes today are both stunning and talented. GDA advocates acceptance and understanding of alternative communities such as BDSM, Fetish, goth/punk, gay, lesbian, bisexual, metrosexual, CDs/TVs and TSs. We encourage the membership of men and women of all races, beliefs and personal persuasions.
The original GDA members are self described lifestyle Femme Dommes, which does not mean they are lesbians. In fact, 99% are heterosexual and 100% are socially concerned. Our charter members enjoy both sensual domination as well as corporal punishment, but pain does not have to be part of the BDSM/fetish experience.
Many of the founding GDA members have worked in the fashion industry. A significant number are professional fashion models in the print, runway, swim wear, lingerie and fetish attire areas. We came together based on conversations held during Fashion Week 2004 at the Paddles nightclub in NYC, and at subsequent Viva Glam events.
Our members include conservatives, liberals and moderates, but they all have a social conscience. We want to avoid partisan politics, but as our Bulletins demonstrate, we want to call attention to the need for an American leadership role in areas such as combating genocide and HIV/AIDS, and advocating increased foreign assistance, humanitarian relief and support for the U.S. armed forces. We are especially interested in bringing together socially conscious singles who care about American foreign policy, social justice, the environment, race, gender equity, and personal growth.
GDA's emphasis on glamour, sexuality and public awareness is a turn-off for some people in the alternative lifestyle community. For example, we have been told to only post fetish attire photos. We are open to constructive criticism, but we decided to allow our charter members to make their own decisions regarding appropriate photos. Some of the Femme Dommes are into the scene on a fulltime basis, but for others it is a very part time hobby. In addition, many of our friends and supporters have no connection to any alternative lifestyle, and they have joined for educational purposes or just out of curiosity.
We are also major advocates of because it has provided a simple, smart, and prudent way for us to find interesting, intelligent, and like-minded people. GDA provides a forum to find a relationship based on physical attraction, common interests, as well as a commitment to peace, democracy, human rights, national security, the health of our planet, and other humanistic values. We believe Myspace and groups such as GDA are far better alternatives to blind dates, the bar scene, and fix-ups arranged by friends or family.

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