Beauty Contest Winner is a Man!  

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3/9/2006 2:29 am
Beauty Contest Winner is a Man!

I believe Asian women are very beautiful and their exotic look is sexy. Subs obviously agree, and when I was working back East one of the most popular Dommes in my area was the breathtaking Lady Ashley Pierce of Baltimore. (I wonder what has happened to her?)
Cross dressing is a real art in Indo-China. They even have beauty contests where all the participants are TS/TV's, and each of them could easily be mistaken for a glamorous woman.
I really enjoy working with cross dressers. After a transformation is complete we often visit a popular nightclub for cross dressers. Quite a few of the TS/TV's at the nightclub are from Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. My subs are often surprised when they discover these beautiful Asians are actually men.
I also noted that the two top movies in the American Film Institute's list of the 100 best comedies of the 20th Century featured leading Hollywood actors dressed up as women - "Some Like It Hot" and "Tootsie." Two other transvestite tales also made the top 100 - "Mrs Doubtfire" at 67 and "Victor/Victoria" at 76.
I thought my friends might enjoy the articles below which appeared in Norway's largest newspaper.
Aftenposten; Oslo, Norway
A beauty queen in Thailand has handed back her crown after organizers discovered she was a he. It was Kesaraporn Duangsawan's good looks which won over the hearts of the judges at an annual beauty contest in the central Thai province of Ratchaburi this month.
But the 22-year-old beauty queen has been forced to abdicate after admitting she's actually a man.
A police officer says the truth came to light after fellow contestants complained that Kesaraporn was more than she appeared. Now the disgraced beauty queen has handed back her $140 prize in the competition to the contest organizers.
Beauty pageants are extremely popular in Thailand, which also hosts an annual Jumbo Queen contest for larger-sized ladies. And while this is the first known case of a Thai man winning a female beauty contest, there are other options for good-looking transvestites and transsexuals.
Each year hundreds of hopefuls flock to the popular Thai tourist destination of Pattaya to compete in the Miss Tiffany's Universe contest. Last year's winner went on to take home the world title.
A 16-year-old transvestite has caused a sensation in the Thai capital, Bangkok, by winning a kickboxing contest in the city's Lumpini stadium. Despite taunts from his opponent that he was not a real man, the boxer, Parinya Kiatbusaba, won convincingly in front of thousands of screaming fans.
Wearing red lipstick and pink nail varnish, Mr. Parinya planted a delicate kiss on the cheek of his bloodied and demoralised opponent, and said he would use the $900 prize for plastic surgery to help him towards a full sex change.
Before the match he caused a stir when he refused to strip naked to be weighed, as required by regulations. The judges relented when he burst into tears. As a concession, they allowed him to retain his underwear.
The shy youngster recently moved to Bangkok after a successful career in the Thai provinces, where for the past two years he has knocked out 18 boxers in 22 fights. Boxing experts say that despite his slight frame and feminine looks, he can be a terror in the ring.

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