Arousal of Mistress During a Session  

AnnaDiorSF 40F
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3/9/2006 2:39 am
Arousal of Mistress During a Session

Here is a question from Steven of NYC:
Mistress, Do you become aroused, sexually high, from BDSM play? I ask because I get very aroused when a Domme becomes excited. Even if i like the play, sometimes i notice the Mistress is not really interested and i'm not excited.
In the consultation with other Mistresses before a session I have mentioned this. They have all said that's cool, but I could detect no enthusiasm.
I want to set my perimeters and Hers, so it could be a sponteneuos session and she becomes aroused.
Feedback ,please

Mistress Anna Responds:

Thanks for a unique and interesting question. It is not an exaggeration to say that 99% of the time I am mentally excited during My sessions. I mentioned “99%”, because it also depends on the chemistry between the submissive and Myself. Well, there are times I get aroused sexually, but I prefer to remain “professional” (like a doctor) and not let it be too obvious, LOL. The Mistress is ALWAYS above a sub and does not necessarily have to have a desire for him in a sexual way, though She can still enjoy the physiological aspect of play.

D&S play on a private level is really a turn on for Me…it can get really hot…
Sorry, subs…no more details!

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