A Glamour Domme News Exclusive  

AnnaDiorSF 40F
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3/9/2006 2:49 am
A Glamour Domme News Exclusive

Mistress Anna is reporting with the latest news from the nation’s capitol:

The Secret Service is very disturbed about an incident which occurred last night. President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were enjoying a dinner at a popular D.C. restaurant.

Their waitress approached the table to take their order. She was young and very attractive. She asked Cheney what he wanted to order and he replied, “I'll have the heart-healthy salad.”

"Very good, sir," she said, and turning to Bush she asks, "And what do you want, Mr. President?"

A smiling Bush answered, "How about a quickie?"

Taken aback, the waitress slapped him and said, "I'm shocked and disappointed in you. I thought your administration was committed to high principles and morality. I'm sorry I voted for you."

With that, the waitress departed in a huff. There was complete silence in the room.

Cheney then leaned over to Bush, and said, “Mr. President, I believe that's pronounced 'quiche.'”

2eroticbicouple 52M/50F

3/14/2006 3:15 pm

Hello Sexy Dom, We sent you a message.Know you are probably getting alot but hoping you get to ours.We go to the Power Exchange every weekend (wish we would have seen you there)& would love for you to join us or we can join you for you to do anything you would like.We are a bi couple & enjoy just about EVERYTHING.Hoping to hear back from you soon.Stay beautiful & sexy....Dave & Rhonda

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