What happened?  

AnnNeedsItBad 42F
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5/9/2006 8:08 pm

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5/10/2006 9:47 am

What happened?

It didn't happen or go as planned. All week I felt like I was being strung along, getting more and more confused as time passed as to what I was doing right and wrong. Being my first time out, I didn't get to the coffee stage because our personalities didn't clique. That's alright. Time wasted, right? I don't think so. He was a great guy, just not the one for me. Yet I've learned from him and myself about what I truly do want and need. In this particular, I considered what he wanted and what I wanted--it didn't match up.

I wanted conversation via IM and email to get to know him before we met for coffee. It seemed like he wanted to go straight for meeting, but not for coffee. I wonder if I made a mistake there? However, I didn't think anything was wrong with chatting for a bit before we had that first coffee, and then that first encounter if we meshed well-together.

Next time, I'll get to the coffee stage quicker. Perhaps I was going to slow with the get-to-know-me stage. After all, I do want to have a discreet relationship of a sexual nature, however, I figured out I desire a friendship with more than just getting laid and leaving right after. Changing my profile should help.

This important to me. So much so that I am revising my profile.

rm_Shortdogg65 51M
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5/9/2006 8:51 pm

The important thing is to know what you want and to keep looking for it. There is sure enough someone out there who is looking for the same thing. Shortdogg

AnnNeedsItBad 42F

5/10/2006 12:02 am

Amazing you should post at such a deja vu moment, Shortdogg65. I just finished talking with someone who seems to have those same interests. LOL It was something totally unexpected. We're talking again tomorrow night!


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