Today you have mixed feelings. . .  

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6/18/2006 10:49 am

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Today you have mixed feelings. . .

It’s Friday, and you’re up early to pack for the weekend. You know it’s going to be a long day, but it has always been worth it. The flights to the coast haven’t been that bad and you’ve learned to make use of the time. However, navigating airports is still a hassle, but you look past it.

You’re looking down at the contents of your suitcase, and instantly you notice it’s not there. You hurry over to your special drawer, and anxiously open it to find your favorite bathing suit. As you grasp it into your hands, the thoughts of that weekend run vividly through your mind. It was a trip to San Diego, a memorable experience for you. The weather was perfect, and your day started with some sexual teasing that left you wanting more. You knew I wasn’t going to penetrate you, that was my way of building anticipation. The orgasm you had was fulfilling, and you knew more was to come. You savored the fact that I wouldn’t hump you like a cheap dog, and that my relationship with you is a reflection of the lady you are.

Our boat wasn’t ready, as had been expected. But we didn’t care; it gave us time to walk along the harbor enjoying each others company. We peered through the boutique windows that lined the boardwalk. Most of the items looked the same and they all became a blur. Except one.

We made it out on the water a little later than we wanted. The sun was in full bloom and it was time to strip away our cover ups. I was anxious to see you in your new bathing suit, and I kept asking you to put it on. You were teasing me with it, holding the bottom piece around your waste, giggly telling me if this is what I wanted. You kept laughing, because you knew I couldn’t let go of the steering, I had to drive. You rubbed the bottom piece on my face, playfully asking me if I wanted virgin panties. “Smell them”, you said, “is that what you really want.” Of course I didn’t, they had no flavor.

You emerged from the cubby moments later, looking as stunning as ever. This time though, your smile changed to a sensual determination. We kissed purposely, as our affection for each other was genuine. Our heads bumped as we were unexpectedly tossed by an on coming wave. In laughter, we rubbed each other and turned our attention to the open sea. Like many times before, you sat across my lap wearing your tiny bikini, with no concern for the intimate contact.

Wave after wave crashed against the haul, jostling us ever so pleasurably. Our bodies lightly bounced against each other, removing all self control. I hardened quickly, and you knew it. You turned toward me, removed my cock from my shorts, and strapped your legs around me and the chair. I was throbbing, wanting you. You were getting moist, and were ready for penetration.

That little bikini was all that separated us from our goal. You moved it to the side, and took me in. It felt so good to the both of us. What a thrilling ride it was.

Afterwards, we went into the cubby where time seemed to stop. For us, nothing else existed, and we shared the moment as such.

We returned on deck to a breathtaking sunset, satisfied, and alive. The trip back to the dock was surreal, being disturbed only by our appetite. We had played for so long that we had worked up a real hunger.

After dinner, we retreated back to our room, got cleaned up and laid together in complete tranquility. We had no need for words, our bodies spoke for us.

The question is, are you my blonde babe from Utah. Are you that girl that wants to play with AnimalStyle. Are you capable of going on weekend outings along the west coast.
I’m deleting my account soon, maybe even today. Contact me if you’re interested, but remember I do have expectations. I’m looking for someone who is fit, not muscular, nor overweight. I want to meet a non-smoker, who may drink socially, and does not do drugs. If you’re a lady, then I want to talk to you, young girls need not respond. Around twenty-six would be ideal. Of course, I am open to the exceptional cases.

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