The Toy ...  

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5/16/2006 10:36 am

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The Toy ...

I took a good look at the competition. It stood proudly erect on the nightstand: tall, thick and wide. It was ready at a moment’s notice and it never went to sleep. The soft latex skin was lovingly crafted and its veiny contours were clearly built for pleasure. It was impossibly large. We both sat in silence for a moment admiring it. Your cheeks turned six shades of pink as I regarded it and told you how much I would love to see you play with your toy. You timidly took it in your hands and brushed it across your lips, never taking your eyes off me. I laid back and told you to pretend as though you were completely alone, to play with your toy as if I wasn’t in the room. You ran your tongue across the shaft of it, kissing its head and licking the slit. Your lips stretched around it as you slid the first few inches into your mouth. You were still blushing, but you started to relax and have fun with it as you twirled and spun it in your mouth like a grown-up lollipop. Your eyes closed and your lips smacked loudly against it, finally getting lost in the moment, you began to rub your wet clit with your other hand. When you opened your eyes, you caught me stroking my hard cock, getting off at the sight of you devouring your toy.

You wanted to toss it aside and play with me instead, but I wouldn’t let you just yet. I instructed you to continue playing and told you how much I wanted to see you fuck it. You placed it standing straight on the bed and straddled it. You shuddered as you slid down its length, the dildo splitting you open, and your pussy lips stretching wide to accommodate its girth. I continued to stroke myself and tell you how hard you were making me, how naughty you looked fucking your toy and asking you how it felt. You moaned breathlessly with pleasure and told me how good it felt in your pussy, how you could feel yourself being split in two and that you were about to cum anytime now. I motioned for you to get on top of me in the 69 position. You complied obediently and took my hard cock deep into your mouth. I grasped the base of the dildo and continued to slide it further inside you. My tongue lashed at your clit while my hand pushed your toy deeper inside you, faster and harder. I could see your wetness coating it and I licked it off. Your moaning turned to desperate crying as you stuffed your mouth on my cock while I was fucking you with your toy. After a few intense moments of this, your hips rocked and buckled and you grabbed hold of my legs trying to brace yourself against your own impending orgasm. After you came, I turned you around on your hands and knees and gave you the dildo to taste your own juices while I entered you from behind. Feeling the spaces the dildo left inside you, I fucked you harder while you continued to suck on your toy. When I could no longer stand the pressure, I told you to finally put your toy away and replaced it with my own cock, warm and pulsing in your mouth, filling you. You felt the first hot surge slide across your tongue and down your throat and you greedily swallowed every drop, pumping me with your fingers until my knees weakened and I no longer had the strength to stand.

We collapsed on the bed and completely forgot all about our friend, lying forlornly on the ground while we slept in each other’s arms.

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