Why do people assume that the internet changes things?  

Angeleyes3041 45F
8/21/2006 10:51 pm
Why do people assume that the internet changes things?

I keep things in perspective, but some people assume that just because they joined this site, they will start having tons of sex with beautiful people.

In reality, your chances are about the same as they are without this site. I mean, it does get you more opportunities by getting your profile out there for like minded people to see but at the same time we all still have our ideas of what we are looking for. Not everyone is looking for the same things.

Often, if something is making it hard for you to find hook ups on the outside, it will probably also cost you some here.

For instance, looks. Looks are just one thing people look for in a sex partner. It may not be the only thing but people do consider looks. You may also be married and some people may not want to mess around with somebody who is attached.

I see people occasionally post that they are upset because it isn't working out for them. I just wondered why some people assume they will automatically get lot's of hookups just because they register for this site.
Unrealistic expectations
I got lot's of sex because of this site and assumned everybdy else was too.
I'm not sure why.

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