Still Pissed off  

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8/14/2006 12:37 am

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Still Pissed off

I am just so frustrated with my X husband, he has not clue to what he is losing when it comes to the girls.

They hate having to go their dad's, He tells them off all these big plans that they are going to do, the sort of get excited, then something always comes up, or the step mom is along.

All my girls want is some time alone with their dad, a camping trip, a day hike, and things like that. But no, he always drags the wife or others along. It’s almost as if he is afraid to be alone with them.

Then on the rare occasions they do get time alone with their dad, he tries to be a dad, and lectures them on sex drugs, and that kinds shit. Please, you can not be a part time dad, and expect your daughters to listen.

I can honestly say when it comes to the sex talk the drug talk, or any of those talks, my daughters are more informed them probably half the adults in our small town. I am very open with them and answer any questions they have. I have a degree in PE with minors in Sex Ed and coaching. I am not afraid to talk about SEX.

My X on the other hand freaked out when he found out his oldest daughter was on the pill. He still sees the girls as the little girls they were when we first divorced, 8 plus years ago. He just does not get that, when each one of those girls turns 18 they don’t want anything to do with him.

Yes I am rambling, and I am sorry, my insomnia has kicked in, mainly because I am pissed off with my X.

I have several times thought about telling him to pull his head out of his ass, but it would not do any good, because it is actually up his wife's ass.

The more I hear about what goes on from the girls, the more I realize he just is going through the motions.

Don’t get me wrong I know my daughters are no angel's they all are stubborn girls, (I just don’t have a clue where they get that), and they speak their minds.

The girls know that no matter how angry they are with me or I am with them, I will always be there for them there is nothing they could do that would make me stop loving them. But honestly think they do not feel that way about their dad, I know they don’t they have told me so.

It is so unfair to those three girls, if I had my way, they would never have to go to their dad's again... I think I would even give up the child support, if I could save the girls the pain they go through when they are at their dads.

In five years I can tell him to fuck off. I am only hoping I can wait that long. Every time the girls come home… I just want to strangle him.

Last thought, how can someone that I loved and loved his kids so much? Is his life so much better now? Personally I don’t think he is happy in his new life.

When he lost me he lost the best four things in his life…. And I can honestly say it was all his choice. He asked me back 6 months after the divorce was finaly, I agree to come back and try again. Then he talked to his mommy and daddy, and they changed his mind. He will live a boring mundane life.. And the girls I live life to the fullest.

HIS LOSE.... not mine


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