Once again I have to bitch ...  

Angel_ii 53F
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3/21/2006 12:15 pm
Once again I have to bitch ...

Ok, the fact that I have to admit that I have 2 x-husbands drives me nuts. I hate that idea. I can honestly say that the only one I loved was the first one, the second one was pure punishment for the affair that I had while married to the first one.

Well any way, my first husband's wife, the children's step mom, is the wicked witch of the west reincarnated? She runs him like a little lap dog that is his problem, not mine. But when it comes to his kids, he needs to step up and take responsible for paying their bills. When I get a letter written to me from her telling me what they have paid for insurance and what I owe them sets me off. My x needs to write those letters, even if she dictates it to him; it needs to be in his hand writing.

When I got the letter this morning, I was so upset, but what bothers me more is that he does not step up; he lets his mom, sorry, wife take care of his kids. I really have got to figure out a way to not let her get to me so much. She just gets on my nerves so much, She thinks she is perfect and she looks down on me, I donít know why but she does not think I am as good as she is.

What gets to me the most is she has come between Wes and the girls, he has no relationship with them, and yes it is just as much his fault, for letting it happen. But, the girls do not have a relationship with their dad. The girls can not stand to be with their dad, when his wife is around, and they donít get to see their dad unless she is. I think she is jealous of the girls, I donít know. He tries to force them to have a relationship with her, and they donít want it.

You can not force the girls to like someone. It does not work that way. I am sorry the girls donít have a good relationship with their dad. He is going to start realizing now that the girls are getting older, they donít want to go to his home, on trips with him or anything that involves his wife. My x will never see that problem he is to wrapped up in his own little world.

Ok time to get off the soap box and do some more deep breathing exercises


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