A bit of venting  

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8/13/2006 10:08 pm

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A bit of venting

Well, I have been away from blog land for a few days. Well I have been reading, just not taking time to write.

My girls are gone for a few days, with their dad, I was looking forward to just relaxing, but they have been gone, since Friday night, and all three of them have called and complained about the time with their dad.

From what I have gotten there is a lot of extra family around due to a ceremony that they are attending on Tuesday, which puts the girl’s step mom in HIGH BITCH mood. When that is how it goes the girls are the ones that suffer, because the step mom will stay on the good side of the in-laws. The girls can not do anything right in her eyes.

I talked to my middle one the phone, she was in tears, needless to say, it put me into tears too, I hate it when the girls are upset and there is nothing I can to do help them. I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and hold her. Unfortunately, my middle daughter catches most of the bitching, she stands out in so many ways, that the step mom goes right after her.

I try not to complain about the girls step mom in front of them, but she is such a freaking bitch, I wish I could make her see what she is doing to my daughters when they are with them. There dad does not see any of it, because, he does not want to have a problem with his wife.

It amazes me that the kids, not just mine, have to suffer so much in this type of situation, when I was married the second time, I always took my kids side, right or wrong, when we fought, I would deal with the kids later on my own. But, when it comes to a man, they choose the wives side, and let the kids suffer. Yes I am generalizing, I know. I know there are great fathers out there that put their girls, first come hell or high water. I just wish my X would see what he is losing by the way he treats the girls. The girls have fantastic sense of humor. He never sees that he is just to freaking busy, trying to live his life with his wife.

He definitely is not the man I feel in love with.

Ok I realize I have been all over the map here… but.. needed to vent a bit..

More later


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