Who am I??  

Angel_On_Earth2 44F
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7/4/2005 8:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Who am I??

I am a mother, sister, daughter, ex- wife and a friend. I am having a hard time with my kids being gone to their dad's house until Friday. They go every other week until summer vacation is done. They keep me so busy and on my toes when they are here. When they are gone I find myself wondering ....What do I do now?? It is only me and I have a hard time filling my days. The peace and solitude is nice but something in me has me listening for them fighting. I catch myself checking in on them when I go to bed. Only to find that they aren't there. Oh well... By the time I get used to them being gone for a week at a time every other week... They will be safely home where I can get on with pulling my hair out..lol

rm_casper0541 42M
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7/5/2005 4:57 am

it seams to me you need to get out on the town and have some fun while your kids are away, get out get drunk and get laid!
but most important be yourself and have fun!

Angel_On_Earth2 44F

7/5/2005 5:05 pm

I agree whoole heartedly casper. That soumds like great advice!

mjzeigle 44M/42F  
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7/9/2005 8:59 am

The best advice I would have for you is the following......

Sleep in ... go outside for a walk... do things that you enjoy to do that you normally don't get to do.. go see a movie in the middle of the day... go for a coffee and sit down at the coffee shoppe and read a book or the paper.... lay in the yard in a hammock and take a nap... all the things that kids seem to interupt every time you try to enjoy them...

I also agree with casper's advice.. and would love to help you with either the drinking or the sex... but I would also like to help with any option.

Hope this gives you some more ideas.


sexypoohbear4u 64M
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7/15/2005 7:56 am

Well Angel the very first thing you need to do is sit down and figure out all the things that you have put off doing since your kids came into your life 9 years ago... list them in order of their importance to you. Once done start doing the things one at a time each day until your list is complete.....repating something is definitely ok because you no longer have anyone to answer to but yourself. At the end of the day or even during the day whichever does it for you ad one of Casper's ideas into the mix....time for drinks and a whole lot of sex.....will not take you long to get back to the point where you really have not missed anything at all and that all is well......just an idea and if I can help in anyway by all means let me know.....you are too attractive of a woman to not be enjoying all that life has to give.....lets chat......

sexypoohbear4u 64M
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7/15/2005 7:59 am

oops..... looks like the proofreading wizard fell asleep again.....one line up above should be "repeating something that you like is definitely ok".....sorry about that.....

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7/17/2005 5:31 pm

well i think u are being a little selfish u did mention that u are missing manything bz of ur kids but u did nt mention what have u gain having wounderfull kids what they gave u how happy u was when u had ur first baby is there anything better out there than the love u get from u kids they really love which u cant get getting drunk or having sex. i think u better sit down and think about it how much happness ur chidren brought into ur life and spening time with them is really count.

Angel_On_Earth2 44F

7/17/2005 8:01 pm

K4KOOL.... If you look again at what was posted here you will see that I am not a selfish person at all. For 9 years I have put my children first and will continue to do so. If you noticed in what I wrote it says that I find myself listening for them and going into their empty bedrooms to check on them when they are not here. I miss them more than anything in this world. All I was stating was that I have lost touch with who I am when they are not around. They are my life and I took offense to what you have written. You need to open your sorry eyes and reread what I wrote again.

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7/19/2005 12:22 pm

hello again i m very sorry i just missundersatnd what u wrote. stupid me so want to Apologise. i can see u got a big heart full of love so it would nt going to be a problem for u to accept my apology.i promiss next time i will read twice b4 i post any comment

Angel_On_Earth2 44F

7/19/2005 3:31 pm

K4KOOL.... Of course I have a heart. I will forgive you this time. Next time you just get to go directly to the dogs! They are vicious and awfully hungry! lol Apology is accepted!

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