Dealing with the cards that life deals you  

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9/4/2006 7:58 pm
Dealing with the cards that life deals you

Sometimes you look at what life has dealt to you and wonder... why me? why do i always end up with the rotten hand that seems to take over and weight down our lives. But over time if you put all your experiences together you start to see a pattern in your life. It's life telling you ... listen to me i know what i am doing ... and it will hurt but you will enventually learn. I finally learned that life kept kicking me to say you aren't going to be a natural mother. But does that mean i give up my ability to work with children. No it just means that life wants me to take care of other children. Maybe thats why i discovered early in life that my greatest passion is in helping children. Helping the special needs learn for thier day to day life. I know i should have stayed in school now and finished my degree in social work i wanted... Oh well can't change that now. What i can do is to get life straightened out and find a way to get back into the field.

It's sept ... i hate this month everything bad tht happens to me seems to happen in sept. can this be the year with no heartbreak or losses i sure hope so
To those i have lost remember i loved you when you were here and miss you everyday now with as much love as then...

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