First Things First  

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10/8/2005 7:56 am

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First Things First

Here we go...first blog entry on the day I signed up to this mad house of sexually over charged human beings. I've decided to chart my progress on these pages so that when someone accidentally wonders across this blog they can see how I go from optimistic to pathethic in five of six easy steps.

But I'm at optimistic at the moment. How long that will last is up to you people.

Now as I have only just signed up I don't really have much to say (though that doesn't stop most people). I completed my profile. I was trying to make it funny but not too funny. Too funny stinks of weirdness, which is something I will have to avoid. I also tried to keep my options open on the 'who would I like to meet front'. This could be viewed as slight desperation - 'I'll have anyone...please!!' - but is not intended that way. The fact is i don't know what to expect, I don't know who if anyone will reply.

It's a journey into the unknown for me so if you do mistaken appear upon my diary...which if you're reading this then you already have...please feel free to suggest tips, nuggets of information to aid my time on here in the comments section.

ps. the first person to comment 'give up' gets my utmost respect.

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