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Analfinder2512 54M
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7/11/2006 2:37 am
Late thought

At the end of the movie "Tears of the Sun" there is a quote " The tyranny of evil men will prevail as long as good men stand by and do nothing" I can't remember the author but the thought associate with the quote is Now that we have engaged the evil men do we have the resolve as a nation to see it through and what will be the total cost (not monetary mind you). Sometimes it seems already too high, however we as a nation must endeavor to preserver and see this thing through.
On the lighter side my team the Mets are doing great at the mid-season break. I just hope it continues and yes I would love to see another subway series however the yankees have some challenges in front of them. As for the knicks, what a mess it will be years before they are competative again.
Well thats all for now have a great day

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