Vulnerability, Shame, Desire, and Satisfaction  

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1/29/2006 7:53 pm

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Vulnerability, Shame, Desire, and Satisfaction

From Both Of Us: We've been having a great time lately. We've been really busy (for those of you who have emailed us, our apologies!) and we barely have time for ourselves, much less each other. But we have had a good deal of time to talk together, mainly while driving.

We're vulnerable to each other. Vulnerability is such a turn on, especially when you want to assert power over your partner. With anal sex, fucking each other up the ass is like forcing our feelings onto each other. It's very erotic, very hot, and it feels very kinky.

But we do it for each other, and we don't really feel embarrassed about it.

Now, we did talk to someone else about this the other night, and we think we might want to go to bed with her. She seems to be on the same page. Doing this with her might be a bit humiliating because, quite frankly, we're letting someone we don't know very well enter us back there.

And yes, she would have to do the same for us.

Sex is so amazing -- and so strange. I mean, would anyone have designed it on purpose this way?

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