True Confessions #4 - Katherine  

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True Confessions #4 - Katherine

I enjoyed my shed roof spot a few more times that summer, but even after I shop-lifted a cheap pair of binoculars from a store in the South Hills Village mall (I’m still amazed that I got away with that!), I started fearing that my luck was about to run out. Sooner or later, I figured, I’d fall off that roof and end up with more than just a sprained ankle. Most of those times, the show wasn’t much more than that first time… Katherine would strip down to her panties, crawl into bed, turn off the light. I did discover what that flimsy-looking thing was that she tossed out from under the sheet, though. One night she performed that ritual before she turned off the light, and it was then that I noticed that it was her panties that landed on the floor.

Her best show happened one sweltering August night of that fateful summer. Pete had gone away to a week-long Boy Scott Jamboree, and because I was still grounded (after cutting “X’s” in the neighbor’s tree) I had to stay home. Margaret (who, being the baby sister, and clearly not old enough to be in her own show) was at one of her little friend‘s house for a slumber party. Mom worked as a part-time R.N. at the Canonsburg Hospital, and she was working a midnight shift that night. Dad was working his normal 4-12 bus driving shift. His commute home from the PATransit garage in Bridgeville, and considering he would stop at the O’Leary’s Donut Shop on his way home like he did every Friday night, practically guaranteed that he wouldn’t get home til around 2AM. And my gorgeous older sister, of course, was stuck babysitting little brother, sort of.

While Katherine watched whatever favorite show was on TV, I covered up some bundled up clothes under my bedspread and crept out to the shed. Judy, our pet beagle, had gotten used to my occasional nocturnal visits. As long as she got her fair share of Milk Bones, she was happy to keep my secret. I was prepared for my nightly vigil… a few Twinkies, my Batman lunch-box thermos filled with cherry Kool-Aid, and my trusty binoculars. Just as I was getting settled in for another few hours of wishful waiting, Katherine broke tradition; she showed up much sooner than expected, and instead of turning on her bed-side lamp, she turned on the ceiling light. At first, I figured she was just fetching something out of her room, but for the second time in two seconds, my older sister surprised me. She got undressed and was entirely naked, then hidden in her bath robe before I could scramble to get the binoculars focused. I did, however, manage to catch a glimpse of her bush before she tied the robe and left the room.

“That’s okay,” I told Judy, in case she was listening, but knowing that she wasn‘t, somehow talking out loud didn‘t make me feel so weird. “She’ll be back.”

There was a full moon that night, and even though that would have deterred me on normal occasions, this was no normal occasion. I hadn’t had the need to pee before I snuck out of the house, but suddenly my bladder felt like it was ready to burst. I could’ve let it all hang out on the roof, but even then I was rather modest. I suppose I could’ve gotten down from the roof, but I was afraid I’d miss something if Katherine returned to the room while I was otherwise occupied. Besides, it’s difficult to pee with an erection. The anticipation in my pants, both biological need and sexual urge, seemed unbearable.

“What’s taking her so long?” I whined, noticing from my official Boy Scout wristwatch with the illuminated hands that she had been gone for nearly a half-hour.

Finally, when it seemed that I’d either piss my pants or cream my jeans (which I eventually did), Katherine returned. She took her robe off and hung it back in the closet, then pranced back to her bedside. She sat down without turning down the bedspread, and reached into the drawer of her nightstand. That’s when I discovered what that tubular-looking thing was. Then she retrieved something else from the drawer--a magazine. (I later found out that Dad wasn’t the only one of my parents with a private stash!) Katherine laid back, propped up slightly with her pillow. With her face hidden behind the opened magazine, her free hand began to massage her bountiful mounds. She pinched her nipples occasionally while she rubbed her thighs together as though they were scissor blades. After awhile, she started finger-combing her pubic patch. (I had already lost my wad by this time, and no longer needed to make my bladder gladder, but I was still extremely hard.) She stuck her middle finger inside her pussy and jerked it in and out a few times, then tossed the magazine aside. She licked that finger like it was a piece of candy, then inserted it again.

Her finger poking got more frantic--one finger from each hand--and she looked like she was doing jumping jacks laying on the bed, only moving just her legs instead of arms and legs. Then she took that tubular-looking thing and twisted the bottom of it, and rubbed it on some spot near where a lone finger was still sliding in and out. Her legs then slammed shut, but only briefly, and her toes tensed upward. Then, she put the tip of that tubular-looking thing inside her and slowly pushed it all the way in until only that black twisty-thing was showing. She pulled it about half-way out, then pushed it back in… she did this a lot. Finally, she spread her legs wide, bent her legs, and arched her back. Her head rolled off the edge of the pillow.

I thought she was hurt, and I started feeling guilty for doing what I was doing. I was just about ready to jump off that shed roof and run up to her room to see if she was okay. (I was sure I would have figured out a reason for barging in on her without looking like I had been watching her.) Before I could let that thought gel in my mind, though, her whole body went limp, and the in-and-out thrusts with the tubular-looking thing subsided. She finally pulled it all the way out and laid it beside her, then stroked her pubic hair with one hand while squeezing her boobs with the other hand.

After a few more minutes, she got up, put on her robe, picked up the tubular-looking thing and retrieved a pair of panties from her dresser. She left again, and this time returned only minutes later. She picked up the magazine off the floor and put it and the tubular-looking thing back in the nightstand drawer, then walked over to the closet. The ceiling light suddenly went off, and her moon-lit figure found it’s way back to the bed and under the sheet.

That was the last time I visited the shed roof. I only wish now that camcorders had been invented back then!

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Thanks for the invite LMP... (nice foot, by the way. Hubba-Hubba!)

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Where you been Nic? Thanks for the encouragement... tell you friends! It may take awhile to unwrap my "mystery within a mystery" but anyone is welcome to come along for the ride!

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