True Confessions #3 - Through the window  

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True Confessions #3 - Through the window

When I look back now on my adventures that summer (and times since), I’m amazed that I never got caught. Well, at least not after that first time (well, there was one other time in Erie… but that‘s another story… Through much trial and error, I got pretty good at being a spy… which might explain why I ended up in Naval Intelligence. I also got pretty good at letting my mind misbehave… which might explain why writing comes easy to me and I continue to exhibit such extraordinary curiosity. Admittedly, I still enjoy a bit of voyeurism now and again. I’m not a gregarious guy, and rather timid when it comes to meeting women, so every once in awhile when the horniness gets the best of me, I find it’s easier to just find something real to watch instead. And strip joints? Fuhgetaboutit! Why pay for an erection and ultimate release of pent up frustration when you can find it for free!? Besides, I guess the rush of wondering if I’ll get caught (again) makes the “hobby” exciting. Anyway, I digress… my tale continues:

I tried the “Under-Margaret’s-Bed” plan one more time, and even though Katherine did put on the show I anticipated, I really didn’t get to see much of it. She didn’t see the mirror peeking out from under Margaret’s bed, but the view I practiced proved unfulfilling. It never occurred to me that Katherine didn’t get naked in front of her bed like I thought she would… she undressed near the closet which was out of my field of vision. It was just as well, I reconciled… I feared that sooner or later my brother would notice that I wasn’t in the bed below, or that Margaret would discover my hiding place if I suddenly farted or stirred while I laid in wait. I decided then that it was just too dangerous to be in the girls’ room.

Our bedrooms were at the rear of the house, well, sort of. Pete’s and my room only had one window, and it faced the back yard, but the girls’ room, being bigger and on the corner of the house, had two windows--one facing the back yard and the other facing the side yard where, conveniently, the neighbor had a big oak tree planted. The girls’ room window that faced the side yard was on Katherine’s side of the room and it afforded a clear view of the closet. Having only to climb half-way up the tree, I would be able to get an unobstructed view, if only she would leave the curtains open, and being that it was summertime, the tree’s generous foliage provided adequate cover for my clandestine operation. Such a brilliant plan! Simple, yet clever… but, alas, another good idea bit the dust. I decided to do a “dry run” during the day to see if I could put aside my fear of heights and practice a tree-climb. Getting up to the first branch was easy enough, and after awhile of cold sweats, I finally made it up to a branch that was even with Katherine’s window. As expected, that perch provided an excellent vantage point, so I decided to mark the branches on the way back down to earth in order that I could find them again at night. It was while I was carving an “X” in one of the branches with my Boy Scout pocket knife that the neighbor who owned the tree spotted me. Well… to make a long story short… yep, you guessed it… another ass-whooping. And still, I remained undeterred; there was still another window to try!

Our back yard was kind of a slope, and from the roof of Dad’s shed, I was able to get a clear view of Margaret’s window. I couldn’t see the closet like I could through the other window, but I figured that maybe there was a chance that Katherine didn’t always get undressed in front of the closet. And, climbing to the roof of the shed was easy enough, even without a ladder… the dog’s coop was butted up on one side of the shed, and it was simply a matter of standing on the roof of the dog’s coop and boosting myself up to the shed roof. The down-side was that there wasn’t much cover, so I couldn’t do a dry-run in the daytime, and would have to wait until there was no moonlight. Not a problem. I had learned how to be patient! Of course, given the right night time conditions, I had to be concerned with the weather. It would be hard to explain another “sleep-walking” event if I happened to find myself on top of the shed roof some night when it started to rain.

The perfect night finally happened… about two weeks later. I had made a habit of looking at the calendar hung in the kitchen to see when the different stages of the moon would occur, and on the night that the “new moon” (no moon) was promised, I made it a point to catch Joe DeNardo’s weather forecast on the 6 o’clock news. No rain expected! I was set! I laid awake once again waiting for my brother to go to sleep… he had this way of rocking himself from side to side and when the rocking stopped I knew that he was out. I crept out of bed already dressed in my jeans, sneakers, and navy blue sweatshirt, and carefully made my way down the steps to the first floor’s back door. Once outside, I dashed to the shed, and once again, a small snafu nearly thwarted my plan. The dog woke up and started barking, but once she discovered that it was me and not some perverted peeping tom, she quickly settled back down. I climbed to the far side of the gabled shed roof, and waited… and waited… and waited.

Finally, the lamp on the nightstand beside Katherine’s bed went on. I felt a sudden rush in my groin and quickly achieved a most impressive erection. I slid my hand inside my underwear but refrained from stroking since I didn’t want to make a mess in my pants, or on the shed’s roof. And then the show began. Katherine slipped her t-shirt off, and to my delight, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her back was facing me, sort of, and I did get a quick glimpse of the side of her left boob. The shed was farther away from this window than the neighbor’s oak tree was from the other window, and I found myself squinting to get a better focus. (I hadn’t started wearing glasses yet.) Still, a fuzzy look at a partial boob was better than nothing.

Did I mention that Katherine had “blossomed” that year? For a 16-year-old she looked very much like the grown-up women in the Playboys… and her boobs were even bigger than Mom’s. Anyway, with her back now fully facing me, she slipped off her short-shorts to reveal a bikini panty clad beautiful ass. “Turn around!” I panted, hoping that she would finally show me what I’d been wanting to see. And, as if in response to a direct order, she did. Both big boobs were clearly in view, and I wished that I had binoculars. “Take off your panties!” I gasped, figuring that since she turned around on cue, maybe she’d take them off too. Well, she didn’t, but while she stood there facing the window, I could tell by the sheerness of her white underwear that she had a full bush. At that point, there was no more “refraining“… and I didn’t even have to stroke it! She turned around and pulled the bedspread back, then sat down once again facing the window. Then, as quickly as the show had started, it was over. She slipped her long legs beneath the top sheet, rolled onto her side, but before turning off the lamp, she took a tubular-looking thing from the drawer of the nightstand, then tossed something flimsy-looking out from under the sheet… but that’s another story… maybe tomorrow.

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Thanks for visiting my blog...and please continue tomorrow!

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Interesting question, Nic, but alas, maybe not such an interesting answer: No, not really (as much thought into present day adventures) because there really aren't a lot of present day adventures, and the few that happen seem to happen without premeditation!)

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