TRUE CONFESSIONS #9 - The Dress Rehearsal  

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TRUE CONFESSIONS #9 - The Dress Rehearsal

It was early Spring, 1974. I was a junior in high school, and still rather inexperienced in the fine art of fucking. The affair with the neighborhood vixen had long since ended when the husband took a transfer to another state, and I more or less resigned myself to being a “good boy” after that. By that spring, I still hadn’t had my first steady relationship with a girl my own age, and hadn’t really considered one, either. Living in the boon-docks of southern Washington County, south of Pittsburgh, didn’t give me much of an opportunity to be too social. Besides, working two part-time jobs to save up for my first car, and the activities I was involved in at school (chorus and drama) seemed to be more important that having a girlfriend.

Well, it came to pass during the production of the Spring Play that year--Guys and Dolls--that a certain member of our troupe took a fancy to me. I guess she viewed me as some kind of challenge. It was common knowledge that I didn’t have a girlfriend, and that I wasn’t even looking for one, but I suppose the underlying gossip in the girls’ restrooms was whether or not “Toad” (that’s what my friends called me back then… not because I was covered with warts or anything grotesque like that, but if you take the first “d” in my name and cut off it’s stem it becomes an “a”. Some genius figured that out, and the name stuck.) was a virgin. (If they only knew!)

Kelly was a sweet girl; a little on the “frisky” side without being a bona-fide slut. She had blossomed quite nicely since the year before in tenth grade when she had been a typical wall-flower kind of girl… frumpy looking, flat-chested, plastic dark-rimmed glasses, etc. The school year that began in September ‘73 showed us all a new and improved Kelly B. Nice hair cut, make-up, current fads as far as clothes were concerned (yes, we were allowed to wear jeans to school back then!), and wire-framed glasses. She had become quite a knock-out! But still, I wasn’t interested in a steady boyfriend-girlfriend kind of thing with anyone, even though I was good friends with Kelly and a few other “hotties” of the halls of McGuffey High School. (They all had “boyfriends” anyway… mostly the jocks from the football team.)

The Spring Play was always a big deal at McGuffey. The drama and chorus teachers would get the ball rolling around the first or second week after the Christmas break, and the normal class times would become the pre-production phase: casting the parts, learning the songs and lines, choreography in some cases. We mostly did musicals, since there was rarely enough students enrolled in drama to make up an entire cast. It was like a joint venture between the two departments, with members of the chorus usually getting the better parts. That year for “Guys and Dolls” I ended up with one of the lead singing parts… Rusty something or other. Kelly, meanwhile, who was neither in chorus or drama, joined the crew (along with some others… some of the “hotties” about a month before opening night when requests went out for “stage hands.” By then, the rest of us had pretty much gotten the songs and lines down pat, and after school rehearsals began. And that’s when I began to notice that a certain sexy stage hand had begun to notice me.

When my character wasn’t required on stage for a particular scene, Kelly and I would hang out in the wings chit-chatting about the English assignment that was coming due, or that Writing thing that had to be done (“and I just don’t know what to write about, Todd. Maybe you could help me because you’re so good at that kind of stuff…”… once in awhile we’d sneak out behind the auditorium to have a smoke. It was on one of those clandestine smoke breaks (‘cuz smoking’ ain’t allowed in school!) that I experienced my first heavy petting experience with a girl my own age.

Kelly was talking about something along the usual lines of our back stage chit chats, when suddenly she turned the conversation on to a sexual path. One thing led to another and we started kissing and groping. About five minutes later, the guy who was playing “Sky Masterson” found us on the grass and politely informed me that it was time to do the crap shooters’ dance and that the director was looking for me.

“Damn!” I remember Kelly telling me as we brushed ourselves off. “It was almost soup.”

“Huh?” I had asked.

“That’s what I call it when I cum.”

The next few weeks rolled along in a similar way. Kelly and I would sneak out when I wasn’t needed on stage and we’d go somewhere secluded (but close by) to make “soup.” Lots of really good kissing and petting, but never enough time to get naked and screw. We made a lot of soup, though… both of us.

Finally, an afternoon rehearsal allowed us more time to spend together in our secret place. It was the day before Opening Night--Dress Rehearsal. My character did a medley with two others in the opening scene, but then I was “off” until nearly the end of the first act. About a half-hour or so. Kelly was waiting for me, as usual, in the wings when I exited the stage after that song “I got the horse right here…” and we slipped out to the stadium.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this,” she had cooed, rubbing her crotch while we walked to the little shed under the bleachers.

“Is it soup yet?” I had asked.

“Oh yeah!” she had replied. She had grabbed my crotch then, and rubbed me briefly. “You got some catchin’ up to do!”

When we got to the locked shed, and were safely hidden behind it, she embraced me fiercely and the spit swapping began in a heated rush. I reached for her belt buckle while she reached for mine. She had my costume pants down to my ankles before I knew it, and pushed my hand away from her pants when it became obvious that I couldn’t get her fly undone. In what seemed like a split-second, we were both laying on the grass with our pants down at our ankles, each groping the other’s privates furiously. Her soup was already there, and more of it was coming, as I felt the first tingling sensation in the head of my dick. She stroked me way better than I had ever done myself, and when I told her I was getting ready, she stopped.

“Not yet,” she whispered and moved her face to my groin.

Is this the best, or what! I thought, with that restless anticipation of feeling myself inside her mouth.

“Oh! There you are!” a voice suddenly intruded. “We’re ready for the crap shooters' dance,” another cast member told me, then turned nonchalantly to walk back to the auditorium.

“Damn!” I said, as Kelly and I pulled our pants up. “It was almost soup!”

“Next time,” she said, kissing me on the cheek as we reached for each other’s hands for the long walk back.

T.P.LENTZ, author

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