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(No, this isn’t another “True Confession” … just some generic, idle fiction I wrote awhile ago... just cleaning out my scrapbook.)

Driving that long stretch of I-95 toward our Florida destination, I couldn’t help thinking about how much nicer the ride had become since the last time I made this trip… many years ago on my annual leaves from Jacksonville Naval Air Station to see the old folks back home. I looked across the bench seat of my S-15 pick-em-up and watched her sleep… the greenish glow from the instrument panel painted her sweet face with a smooth glow.

“We could stop here for the night, ” I had said before we left Norfolk, remembering how odd it was that I had never been stationed there at one of the largest U.S. Naval bases in the world. “I got bonus trip rewards for Comfort Inn.”

But, no… she wanted to keep going.

“The sooner we get there, the sooner we can get this vacation started, ” she had argued.

And there she was… asleep… and there I squirmed with an urgent need to untie a knot and make the ol’ bladder gladder. I slowed down and eased my little truck onto the exit ramp. She must have sensed the decreased speed, or the down-shifting, and shook herself awake.

“What’s up Doc?” she cooed groggily.

(No, I’m not a doctor… we both like cartoons, and one of my favorites is Bugs Bunny.)

“I feel the need… the need to pee, ” I told her in my really bad impersonation of Tom Cruise from that old Top Gun movie. (You can take the boy out of the Navy but you can't take the Navy out of the boy!)

For an interstate convenience store, this place looked practically deserted except for the two or three customers inside… no one at the pumps. But, then again, at three in the morning according to the in-dash custom CD player’s clock, I reckoned that would be normal. She waited for me to open her door… (just a habit I have… opening doors for ladies, throwing coats over mud puddles… and hand in hand like high-school sweethearts, her sparkling eyes and beaming smile announced our presence through the double glass doors of the Sunoco A-Plus.

“I’ll catch up, ” I said and made my way to the men’s room.

It was good to get all that coffee out of me… but with still another 517 miles to go, there would be more coffee, and more pit stops. I returned to the store’s main room and saw her standing in an aisle of grocery items, toward the rear of the sales floor near the pop coolers. How did I get so lucky, I smiled to myself as I walked toward her, watching her study a label on a can of something.

“Hey Mister!” she beamed, giving me a little peck on the cheek, and putting her free arm around my waist. “Everything come out all right? Shake it more than twice and you’re playing with it!”

She’s so cute.

“What the hell are you doing?!?” I shrieked with a loud whisper.

Seeing her bending over to get a small box of Chips Ahoy off the bottom shelf snapped me out of my momentary trance, and snapped something else to attention. She must’ve taken her panties off at the last rest area. She smiled shamelessly and with her trademark ‘Come here big boy’ grin, she quickly stood and took me by the hand.

“Did you save the wrapper from that Tootsie-Pop? Don’t want to get arrested for shoplifting! I hear these Georgia cops kick ass first and take names later!” I said as she trotted playfully ahead of me, still holding my sweaty hand, still grinning that come-hither grin. She tossed the red wrapper at me, then dragged me into the women’s rest room.

“Get up there and spread your legs!” she ordered, after pushing me into the farthest stall.

I tried to pretend I was shocked, but she knows me too well. So I did as she instructed… I planted my ass on the toilet tank and waited for her next command.

“Lose em, Sailor, ” she directed.

I slid one leg out of my jeans and BVDs and anchored my feet on the handi-cap rails.

“Say your pra-wers siwwy wabbit, ” she growled as she stealthily approached my exposed groin, tossing the cherry tootsie-pop to the floor. (I meant to ask her how many licks it took to get to the center of a tootsie-pop, but I really didn’t think she had been counting.)

Cupping my sac in one hand, rolling the balls around inside it, she grabbed the hard and reddened shaft and plunged her mouth down on it. All the way down. I could swear that I was tickling her tonsils. She withdrew to the tip, enclosing her lips around the lip where the foreskin meets the head. Stabbing the slit with her tongue, she seemed to sense that I wasn’t going to last long. She snapped her head back and looked at me with glaring eyes.

“You‘ll cum when I say you can cum and not a second sooner!” she laughed, and plunged herself down on me again. She licked the sides up and down and around and around on the head like it was a popcycle. It was making me crazy… I tried to stifle my squeals.

“Sweetie… stop… I… can’t… hold… ” And I couldn’t.

As she withdrew to take another dive, I exploded in one violent spasm after another… kicking the extra rolls of toilet paper across the floor. My hot load sprayed her face like a shower. After several minutes of catching my breath and determining that I really wasn’t having a heart attack, I relaxed my legs and stood up. She had wiped her face by then, and as I bent to pull my pants up, she raised me up to her.

She kissed me softly, long and deep… then grinned and said “Ten.”

“Huh?” I asked, standing there with my pants around my ankles while my swelling subsided.

“That’s how many licks it takes to get to the center of my man’s pop!”

“You’re wonderful, ” I said and kissed her again.

Stepping back slightly, she raised her little skirt and flashed me. “I know," she whispered in my ear. "Ditto, Mister!”

And then, to the pair of blue-haired travelers who were standing wide-eyed and gasping near the sinks when we gracefully emerged from the stall, she sweetly asked:

“It’s an on-demand world, ladies!”

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I have a couple of more of these that I did before... maybe in a couple of days I'll throw another one up here!

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{=} Bakatcha!

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