HOT TUB HONEY - The Story  

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“Ahhh… finally! The XL-J100!” she sighed, looking at the newest model from HomeSpas Inc. She’d been waiting with restless anticipation for nearly a month since seeing it on the late-night infomercial, and at last, it was finally here--just in time for Christmas! Her present to herself, because even if Santa didn’t think so, she knew she had been a Good Girl! (and when she’d been Bad, she’d been a Very Good Girl!)

She leaned down and as gently as a caress, she stroked the gleaming polished aqua-colored fiberglass along the tub’s top edge. The cedar siding that wrapped the 8-foot octagonal spa had that “new” smell--strong, but not overwhelming. A pleasant fragrance that reminded her of the closets in her grandmother’s house. A light mist of steam hovered over the fresh water, and all 200 jets (some like the massage mode of her WaterPic shower head) hummed a seductive symphony.

She found the unit’s remote control device beside the lid of the built-in towel warmer, which adjoined the built-in refrigerator (both standard equipment on the XL-J100). She barely touched one of the remote’s buttons, and the optional flat-screen television rose silently from its storage space on the far side of the tub. Another button activated the optional stereo.

Nothing good on now ‘til Oprah, she thought, and pressed the button that returned the 18-inch diagonal color Sony to it’s hiding place. Something soft and soothing, she considered instead and dropped the 'Boston Pops: Love Songs' CD she found near the remote into one of the 6-disc changer’s empty trays. The orchestral arrangement of 'Unchained Melody' seeped out of the eight speakers as she quickly undressed and eased into the 100-degree churning bath.

“Ohhh Gawwwwddd!” she moaned softly as a rush of bubbles bounced beneath her breasts. Her nipples hardened immediately in spite of the water’s warmth. She held one breast, then the other, licking each nipple in turn, teasing them with a quick twirling tongue. Her free hand caressed her submerged pubic patch while three pulsating jets pounded her lower back and buttocks, sending tingling sensations down the length of her legs. The fingers she had been using to comb her curlies suddenly stopped their probing penetrations. She stood slightly, then turned around and knelt on the molded seat. The pulsating jets that had been tickling her toosh charged her crotch.

“Unfuckingbelievable!” she whispered hoarsely, holding the safety rail. Her strong hold on the brass tubing became a white-knuckled grip and she tossed her head back, shaking her hair from side to side.

“OH MY GAWWWWWDDDDDDD!!!!!” she screamed when the first wave or orgasm hit, tensing her thighs for a moment while the electrified tingles filled her body. Finally, the last shock wave subsided, and she turned and slid down into the deep water and began to float on her back, her arms and legs quivering slightly.

“Ahem. AHEM!” coughed an older gentleman wearing khaki trousers and a green polo shirt with the word ‘HomeSpas Inc.' neatly embroidered on the top left side. “May I help you, young lady?” he politely, but rather matter-of-factly asked.

“I’ll take this one,” she said, reaching for the lid of the built-in towel warmer.

“Very well, Miss. And how will you be paying for your purchase today?” he asked, holding his clipboard closer to his face, pushing his small round wire-framed glasses up on his nose. “Visa? Master Card? Or American Express?”

“Discover,” she replied, shamelessly.

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Shameless hussy
brilliant story babes
silky x

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