Holy shit! This guy can't shut up!  

rm_AmyNGreg 47M/50F
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7/17/2006 11:49 pm

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7/22/2006 8:31 am

Holy shit! This guy can't shut up!

Ok, so I was just cruising along in our groups forums, posting away... And I'm a bit tired...

I just realized that I shouldn't post when I'm tired. It's like getting drunk, and then in the morning you see all these new people on your instant messenger and you're like, "WTF?"

So, I made this stupid mistake in my post, and I was totally obsessing over it, (something about quasimodo and humps), and so I posted a follow up, which I'm pretty sure just sounded loopier than the first post I'd made.

Anyone out there just feel like they're digging a hole and they just can't stop? I mean, I could practically FEEL the dirt hitting me in the head, and then I was realizing that it was ME with the shovel and that I was grinning like a fucking mad man, cackling the entire time, continuing to shovel the dirt onto myself...

Anyway, it turns out that my size 13 foot will definitely fit in my mouth and that I'm not SO flexible that I can get any kind of benefit from that.

My apologies to all who read this. This blog was originally titled "All the Crap that Spews Out of My Mouth", or something like that. Amy, who is wise beyond her years decided for something a bit more... Mellow.

Someone did bring up the other night that I'm the guy who posts on the majority of the AdultFriendFinder blogs. She has some REALLY good stuff on her blogs on Myspace and Yahoo. We'll let you treasure hunt for those if you want, but good luck. If you REALLY want to read them, strike up a conversation with us and we'll see what happens.

(Surprised I could say all that with this big foot in my mouth)


Tequila_princess 44F  
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7/19/2006 6:47 am

I didnt see anythiong wrong with your post... maybe because i was tired too... JK nothing wrong with em tho... we all go though a what the hell did i just post thingy one time or another... some more than once lol... see ya soon


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rm_AmyNGreg 47M/50F
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7/21/2006 7:12 pm

Ok then!

You guys are good for my confidence!

I shall post until you can't take anymore... When you're on the cusp of literary bliss, I'll pause a bit... Then build up some more... Repeating until you BEG me to let you finish!

Er... We were talking about Blogging, right?



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