Part1- Beach...........  

AmberSolaire 42M
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5/30/2005 6:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Part1- Beach...........

Seas turned my skin to the constistancy of prunes and i have forgotten what it feels like not to be a wave, and to have balls.Time to feel land beneath my feet and the sand in my toes.

Land fall is nearly always on a beach.

Beach-sandy or pebbly shore of the sea formed by the interaction of the ebb and flow of tides upon contact with land.

Thinking about comments posted earlier it strikes me that there are two camps of people.Those that love the beach.The sandcastles, the laying out of towels, the salt water and sea breeze etc, and those that prefer to spend their holidays lanquishing by the pool.

So it is my intention to conduct a little AdultFriendFinder Survey to find out once and for all which is the more popular.

If it is the beach please leave your comments and reasoning in this box.

rm_EE407 41F
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5/30/2005 9:59 pm

I'm a beach lover... no 2 ways about it....
I used to live very close to the beach and would move back in a heartbeat. The best part were the long walks

AmberSolaire 42M

5/31/2005 11:14 am

Yep you guessed right my feet are firmly in the sand of the beach loving fraternity.I like to make footprints for people to follow..........only to return the next day to see the sea has washed them away and made another blank canvas.Every day a different path everchanging, although the route remains the same.

PailsDiverHonks 55F

5/31/2005 6:22 pm

The beach...the sand, the surf, the sea air, the sound, the sun, the stars...oh yeah...the hurricanes but we will pretend those don't happen.

juju34single 46F

6/4/2005 10:08 pm

The beach.

I am landlocked in Minnesota (usa) and once made it to vacation in Galveston Texas.
I awoke to hear the pounding surf as my hotel balcony door was open, and I thought I had died and gone to paradise.
The sound was quite lulling, and hypnotic even.
The birds crying here and there, added to the magick of the moment.

Later on after breakfast, I went down, and walked the magick sands, relishing the feel of clean dirt between my toes, picked up various shells, and felt the varying differances,and appreciating each one for each differant bump and line, which made each one unique.
I found a poor dead jellyfish, but I left it alone.

Sitting in the sand, burying myself up to the waist, feeling the cool dense weight of the sand, then falling back to feel the vibration of the water as it pounded against the sand.

Was the most awesome day of my life, feeling and sensing all the natural power.

What really amazed me was how the people that lived there viewed the ocean.
They didn't.
They took it all for granted.
"It's just the ocean"

What if it went away? What if something happened to them, and they couldn't see it?
I learned long ago to never take anything for granted, because it can all go away in the blink of an eye.
Look through the eyes of a child, and see the magick each new day brings.
My kids taught me that.
I learn things from them every day.

AmberSolaire 42M

6/6/2005 11:22 pm

The beach takes it by a two to one ratio.I am surprised on the low numbers on this survey.Thank you to all that participated.I would just like to point out that at no time whatsoever did I contemplate adding more posts so the beach lovers came out top.Not once my mind isnt that devious.

Now join me in a hearty rendition of we are the champions as we march past the Blogland pool.

♪ We are the champions my friends............♪

Lapkin4u 42F

6/7/2005 7:42 am

As much as I love to take a dip in a nice clean pool....I would much rather delight in the beauty of all things in nature. The sight , sounds and smells are incredible and make me happy to be alive with senses in tact. Nothing better than that.

AmberSolaire 42M

6/11/2005 11:47 am

All too often we neglect to see what is right before our eyes.In our quest for sensation we bypass that which can bring the greatest pleasure.We may call them simple things, but in reality they are infinately complex each and every one.Beauty manifests itself in many forms.

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