Turning on your Partner  

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2/16/2006 5:42 am

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Turning on your Partner

Now we all say and do funny things, "interesting things" when turning on our partners. Here's some of the craziness: "Oh fuck me, use me as your fucktoy and drown my fat dick with your cum." Of course, every man has a fat dick and that is indesputable, like every woman is always right. LoL J/K

I just know that speech and written language is often underestimated. Imagine this: As you walk into the house and notice it dimly lit with candles, you are overpowered by the comfort and warm glow. Your frustrations are lifted and your focus shifts into the mystery of the occasion. You notice out of the corner and away from the lights the contour of a slender body shifting and swaying slowly towards you.

Did that do it for you? No? Alright try this: My eyes locked into her dark brown eyes as I held onto her soft skin and with all the strength I could muster I thrust my prick deeply into her hot wet pussy and began to pull out slowly hearing a small whimper escape her lips.

Did that do it for you? Yes, I'm not necessarily the best at writing erotic fiction. My point is that written and spoken language is a potent tool of seduction. I've met so few that have been able to speak and write well; writing well means being able to express your thoughts and desires without clouting them because of any inhibition.

There has been a woman who's talk throughout the day and sheer brilliance in her writing had me QUIVERING all day that by the time I'd see her, her touch would send my entire body into shock. It didn't matter what position we did it in, how wet her pussy was, her technique when sucking my cock, who cares? Knowing she wanted it as badly as me...mmm, that gets me fired up more than ANYTHING else.

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