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I like this.....

Mesmerised by Miranda
By Priesty

My name is Steph, I work behind the bar, of a small hotel in the Cheshire countryside.
Due to the location of the hotel i have a bedsit there which the owners let me have free of charge, the downsides being i'm usually on call most of the day.
On this one particular evening it was particularly quiet, some of the hotel guests had come into the bar before going into the restaurant, but they were only there for 10 minutes or so.
I had decided to start cleaning down the bar, taking down all the bottles from the optics and giving them a wipe, and generally rearranging the bar so that it looked clean and organised.
After about 30 minutes or so, i heard a noise behind me, as i turned and looked at the young woman stood at the bar, i excused myself as i quickly washed my hands, and then turned my attention to the raving beauty that was now sttod in front of me.
Good evening, my name is Steph, how can i help you this evening?
Hi! Steph, can i have a glass of white wine, please.
She had a broad, heavy american accent, i smiled at her, would you like, dry, medium dry or sweet.
Dry, please, came the reply.
I poured her glass of wine for her, and handed it to her.
Would you like anything else, i asked.
Maybe later, she replied, with a smile on her face.
That will be $4.00, then please.
I found her comment of, maybe later, very evocative, i thought to myself i wouldn't mind giving her something later.
I smiled to myself wickedly as i entered the money into the till.
I turned my attention back to the woman, who was now sat on one of the bar stools we have at the bar, I couldn't help but notice your heavy american accent, are you over here on business or pleasure ?
I'm over here on business, i have been invited over by a very large automotive company, to learn more about there Quality department, however, whilst i'm over here it would be nice if some of it could become pleasurable.
Wow, i sure could make this trip pleasurable for you, i thought to myself.
This is how the evening went for me, i would serve the odd customer when i was needed and the rest of the time i would finish cleaning the bar and talking to this American beauty at the bar.
She had introduced herself to me, her name was Miranda, she was 27, and from DC.
Miranda was wearing a pair of tight hipster jeans, with a short t - shirt, that showed her perfectly toned abs, she had perky little tits that her tight fitting t - shirt showed off perfectly, she was around 5' 1" tall and had the most perfect little ass that i had had the pleasure of setting my eyes on for a long time.
As the night was coming to a close, Miranda asked me if we stayed open for hotel guests.
Sorry, i said, the bar doesn't stay open late but if you want a late drink there is a bar in the restaurant that will happily serve you.
Do you work in that bar, she asked.
Sometimes i said but not tonight.
Shame, she said, you see i'm still suffering from jet lag and i just know i will not be able to get to sleep for hours, but i enjoy your company and don't want to sit drinking on my own.
I thought, this is my opportunity, i will be finished here in about 30 minutes, you are more than welcome to come back to my room and join me for a drink, if that will help.
Are you sure you don't mind, i wouldn't want to put you out, and i'm sure you must be tired.
No, i don't mind, it will be nice to have some company, anyway it will help me unwind.
OK, then i would love to join you for a drink.
I cashed up the till, cleard away the galsses, cleaned all of the ash trays and left them to dry on the drip tray, passed the nights takings to the manager and locked up the bar.
I took Miranda to my room, as we entered my room i turned to Miranda, sorry i don't have any chairs i said, but you can sit on the bed whilst i get us something to drink.
I opened a bottle of wine, and took 2 glasses over to my bedside table.
I poured the wine, and handed Miranda a glass, I took my glass and raised it up, to new friends.
To new friends, Miranda replied.
I hope you don't think i am being rude, but i could really do with taking a shower, as i smell of stale beer and cigarettes.
No problem, i will still be here when you get back.
I excused myself, and walked into the bathroom, i stripped off and stepped into the shower cubicle, as i washed myself down with some strawberry scented shower gel, i couldn't help but play with my 36c tits, massaging them and pinching my nipples, thinking of the beautiful woman who was now sat on my bed.
I started to play with my hot, wet, pussy and quickly brought myself to an amazing orgasm, i had to bite my lip to stifle my moans as my body exploded inside, godddd, yeesss, thats better.
I finished washing myself, rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, dried myself, took the thin, short dressing gown, off the back of the bathroom door, put it on and entered the bedroom.
Miranda was sat back on the bed with her feet up, i smiled at her, that feels better, i said.
I poured another glass of wine, and sat on the bed next to her.
Are you alright, i asked her.
Oh, yes, mmmmm, you smell good she said, is that strawberries, i can smell ?
Yes, its my shower gel, do you like it?
Mmmmm, it smells good enough to eat.
Help yourself, i said. I don't know what made me say it, it just splurted out before i could stop myself.
I don't mind if i do, Miranda said.
She leaned into me and we kissed, slowly at first, Miranda opened her mouth to me and let my tongue in, i ran my tongue along the underside of her teeth, then our tongue found each other and started to dance a merry dance, I sucked her tongue into my mouth, wanting more of her inside of me.
We kissed passionately for several minutes, me on top of her, i broke away from her lips and turned my attention to her neck and ear lobes, kissing and nibbling at them, Miranda lay there in a dream like state quietly moaning to her self.
I carried on the assault to her neck and ears whilst my hand wondered over her t - shirt till it came to rest on one of her firm little tits, as i started to massage her tit through her t - shirt, Miranda arched her back slightly so i could get a firmer hold of her, Sit up i told her, as she sat up i lifted her t - shirt up off of her, and unclasped the black lacy bra that she was wearing, I laid her back down and kissed her softly, I promise you, you are not going to regret this night, i told her.
I knew i wouldn't, she winked at me.
Oh! you are a naughty girl i told her, with a big broad grin spread right across my face.
I started to kiss Mirandas tits, i took her right nipple it to my mouth and sucked it, pulling it up until it sprang from my lips, although Mirandas tits were not the biggest, her nipples were huge, standing there true and proud, urging me to suck them.
I continued my assault on her nipple whilst my free hand, massaged and pinched her other nipple, Miranda was lying there, eyes shut, with a pleasurable look written all across her angelic face.
God, i love it, when you suck and nibble on my cute little tits, it feels fucking great.
I stayed like that for quite a while, mesmerised by her beautiful body.
I started to kiss my way down to the top of her jeans, which must have sent butterflies shooting through her as she wriggled and squirmed under neath me.
i unbuttoned her jeans, pulled down the zipper and pulled, Miranda raised her hips and her jeans slid off, i removed them completely leaving miranda wearing nothing but a black lacy thong, god her body was a picture of perfection to me.
I reached up and removed her sexy thong, Mirandas pussy was waxed, except for a thin strip of red hair, which matched the long red hair that she had on her head.
As i knelt there at the end of the bed, Miranda opened her legs to me.
I want you to eat my hot, wet pussy, i want to feel your hard tongue inside of me, i need you to fuck me like i have never been fucked before.
You really are a wicked woman, i told her, i opened up my dressing gown and threw it to the floor, revealing to Miranda my perfectly waxed body, no body hair what so ever.
Miranda, licked her lips and let out a low, whispered sigh, God you are truly beautiful she said.
Before she could say anything else, i leant forward and planted a kiss on her pussy, it smelt sweetly aromatic, Mmmmm, that tastes good, i said. I licked her pussy all the way from the tip of her clit down to her hot moist hole, I stuck my tongue into it briefly, Miranda let out a small scream and raised her hips up off of the bed, i wrapped my hands under her ass and stuck my tongue in as far as i could get it, curling it around the soft tissued walls of her hot cunt.
fucckk, Yesss, thats it girl right there, came Mirandas out burst.
I pulled miranda to the edge of the bed, i knelt down on the floor and re started eating her pussy, her legs were draped over my shoulders allowing my free access to her, I ate her pussy with a hunger i had not had for a very long time, sucking on her clit, licking it, nibbling it.
Mirandas moaning was getting louder and louder, her hips were bucking as she frantically fucked my face, her head was thrown back as her body started to twist and spasm on the bed.
I was licking her pussy deeper that it had ever been eaten before, sucking her soft lips it to my mouth, pressing my flat tongue on to her clit and abusing it like only a hot woman can.
Mirandas hot juices exploded into my mouth, i licked and sucked as much of the juices into my mouth as i could, her juices were all over my face, Miranda had gripped hold of the duvet she was lying on top of and was lying back down now as her body had collapsed back on to the bed, her breathing was heavy now but still irratic.
Little did she know that i had not finished with her yet, oh no, I was going to work her into such a sexual frenzy, she would beg me for mercy before this night was over.

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I like this too.
Great story. Life and fantasy can be great soemtimes.

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damn...made my nipples hard as fuck and my pussy wet ...I wanna finish the rest of the story w/ u...hee hee

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I would love to finish this story with anyone who is willing and ready.......

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