May 29, 2006  

Alyssa1959 57F
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5/30/2006 4:05 pm
May 29, 2006

Again, today, my lust got the better of me.

The same feeling, continuing to lead me deeper into the heat. It has a profoundly tight hold. I know what I want and I want it now. Yet, I will wait for the perfect moments and will not compromise.

I donned my button-up-the-front satin blue shirt-dress, black heels, white lace bra and a fabric belt.

Walking from my condo, through the parking garage, feeling the wind on my skin was electrifying. I walked slow so I could feel each and every kiss of the wind.

I decided to do something else. Unbuttoning a few buttons at the top and bottom of my dress, the breeze sent jolts of electricity through every nerve in my body.

I walked past my car.......


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