June 17, 2006  

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6/18/2006 9:04 am

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June 17, 2006

Friday Night....

I pulled into my parking space in the parking garage and overheard a woman, in a pissed off voice, tell someone they weren't dressed "right".

As I approached the elevator I saw him standing against his car and she disappeared into the elevator. I very slowly strolled by him in my revealing red short sleeve top, flowing skirt and heels, of course. He watched as I walked past, we said hello and I stopped. He apologized for the raised voices and she had gone upstairs to change and she'll be back in about 15 minutes. He was drilling a hole through my breasts as I stood in front of him.

I told him it looked like he needed a relief from the stress. He grinned and agreed, not knowing what I had in mind. Without a word, I pulled him between 2 cars and unzipped his slacks as I quickly got to my knees. He instantly grew and we didn't have time for teasing. I sunk every inch of his thick shaft in my mouth and it touched the back of my throat. After only about a minute or so of stroking his meat with my mouth, tongue and lips he had a massive explosion. The rupture lifted one of his feet off the ground as he poured himself all over my chin and filled my deep cleavage with his hot juice.

No words spoken, I got up, wiped away the evidence and strolled to the elevator as he regained his composure. As my up elevator opened, she walked out...none the wiser....

I love my parking garage.


ron111242 64M  
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6/20/2006 2:35 pm

I Sure would like to run into you in a parking garage, but bend you over the hood and slide inside your wet lower lips and shoot a hot load in side then turn you around sink to my knees and clean you up with my tongue untill you cum in my mouth. Ron

rm_smuggler10 61M

6/21/2006 3:54 pm

You have a vivid imagination but I think my reality would serve you better! Want to find out? Love smuggler10 x

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