The Curves of a Woman  

Alynxdra 33F
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4/14/2006 9:44 am

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4/17/2006 5:45 am

The Curves of a Woman

There is nothing
the soft curves of a woman
from her head to her toes
she's a beautiful package
wrapped in soft satin.
Her hair is but one glimpse of her
whether it's long or short
up or down
then there is her face. As you have
all heard
her "eyes are like windows
into her soul" there you will catch
a glimpse of mischief,
a plethora of emotions.
Her lips like full soft
pillows just waiting to cradle
whatever needs comfort
from your own lips
to a soft comforting kiss on the forehead
or to the passionate kiss that presses
against the side of your neck
down your chest
to the flat your stomach
and further.
The gentle curves of her shoulders
her collarbone
the rise of the tops of her breasts
the full, firmness of her breasts
the darker color and slightly largeness
of her pert hard nipples
the flat of her stomach
the carefully trimmed hair above her
clitoris and vagina.
Her thighs soft although firm and tone
could wrap around any man and make him
think he'd died and gone to heaven especially
with the way she'd undulate her hips.
The curve of her calves down to her ankles foot
and wonderfully manicured toes.
The wonderfully sensual curves of a woman's body
is heaven sent no matter what type of package it comes in.

rm_poleforlick 51M

4/14/2006 10:38 am

mmmmm Love your prose.

Am touching my straight edge thinking of your curves.

C-Man99 40M
8 posts
4/15/2006 9:19 am

The imagination of the descriptions are wonderful, I hope to see more of your work in the future.

Alynxdra 33F
47 posts
4/17/2006 5:45 am

thank you for taking time to read this im glad you enjoyed it

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