Her Innocence  

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4/17/2006 11:25 am

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Her Innocence

A petite asian woman
of a young, innocent age
kneels with her back to you.
Her hair is long,thick and ebony black
which lays against her slender back.
You can see the gentle swell of
her breasts, her tiny waist, slim hips,
and firm buttocks.
You whisper to tell her to stand and
turn to face you.
You watch with breathless anticipation.
She lifts her head to you
so that you may see her face.
Exhaling almost dramatically
you find yourself face to face
staring at a truly breathtaking
exotic east asian beauty.
Her small heart shaped face
framed by her ebony hair,
the slant of her strangely emerald green eyes, the only hint of possible western heritage.
The soft,red fullness of her lips; perhaps enhanced by a little red berry juice.
Everything else is proportioned to her tiny, slender, toned, firm body.
From the sweet curve of her neck
to her slimness of her shoulders
which she has subconsciously pulled back
only to lifted her pert perfectly sized "B"
cupped breasts
just the right size
enough to fill your large, slightly calloused hands.
The areola is a shade darker then her tanned breasts;
just the right color that make you salvate
for one taste.
The flatness of her stomach
and the gentle curve of her hips
tells you once again how young
and innocent she really is.
She is of child bearing age,
age of consent,
and yet you know she has not once,
not ever experianced the pleasure
of a man's touch either by his hands or his mouth
least of all the act of true love making.
The the small vee at the top of her toned thighs has not yet been trimmed yet it is not full.
You think to yourself she would not need to "westernize" herself down there yet.
So you may truly appreciate all of her
you ask her, lead her, to a prestine white cotton sheeted king sized bed
and ask her to lie upon it.
Once she does you noticed that she seems smaller by propotion to the size of your bed.
Her skin tone seems a bit darker
and more erotic too
against the pure white sheets.
You join her only to kneel beside her.
Your palms literally itch to touch her.
She spreads her legs open them only a fraction
as if guessing what you wanted
before you could voice it aloud.
And your eyes drink in the purest sight you've ever had the chance to witness.
The thing every woman tresures
and every man wants.
Something only she should be allowed to give
the only thing she CAN truly give ONCE;
her virginity.
She whispers softly,
murmurs really unintelligible words;
or at least unintelligible to your ears;
what she says is
"I give this gift to you.
Please treasure it as much as I have.
Please be gentle."
And as she whispers these words
she closes her eyes slowly
and waits
for your gentle touch.

jd29992z 54M
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4/17/2006 12:46 pm

That tory was sweet ad sexy very nice

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