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Alynxdra 33F
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4/18/2006 12:32 pm
A bunch of stuff

Hmmmm....I know that my last few posts have not been very intellectual and I must be coming off as some nympho sex fiend...lol...i do have a brain...it's just when i come on here i like to just unwind and have fun and be uninhibited and just have fun creatively and sexually. so I apologize if you were looking for something more stimulating...lol...maybe i'll surprise you and actually have a decent conversation...for now this is my outlet my release.
Dominance and Subservient
Master and Submissive
They say that a woman or man who likes to be or tends to be subservient have so much in the work world so many responsibilities that they just want someone else to take charge!?
They say that a woman or man who is dominate don't have enough control in their lives and are or feel controlled in the workplace!?
which one are you? which one do you prefer? or prefer to be?
BDSM I tend to go for the Bondage and Discipline part...of course I am no where near being able to take too much of the hard core BD.
I like the idea of being subservient to my man. I tend to enjoy sex rough and aggressive. Dont get me wrong I like gentle and sweet to. but to me there's nothing like raw sweaty screaming sex!
which is why i love doggy style and being bent over and taken about anywhere or up against anything...like the wall the door...bent over the couch the railing...
there's nothing like having your man coming home and just grabbing you and bending you over and tearing off your panties and dropping his pants and fucking you....(dont get me wrong im not talking about physical abuse or degrading acts...im NOT into that) but the idea that my man is knows what he wants and isnt afraid to take it (within limits...like i said nothing that would make me cry abuse or anything)
a man who can kiss really good can usually make me wet with that one kiss.
I have greated my man on my knees when he walks in the front door with nothing on and giving him a blow job as he stood there with the front door wide open.
i like to wake him up to a blow job to start the day!
lol...where is all this coming from...damn im horny!

Nocturnal10 36M

4/19/2006 6:49 am

Your posts are so damn intriguing! Now I just need to get lucky enough to figure out how to chat with you!!

Any ideas?

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