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4/18/2006 10:33 am

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4/26/2006 5:02 am


Naked on my hands and knees
with a leather collar around my neck
and a leather leash attached dragging
along beside me.
I crawl to you slowly and seductively
I stop occassionally to toss my long
dark hair over my slender back.
Your eyes are mesmerized as you watch me.
Your cock is standing erect and harder then
you've ever remembered.
I am you Asian Beauty on my hands and knees
coming to you.
Tonight I will be your Bitch.
You lean down to pick up the end
of the leash and make me crawl ahead of you as you watch my ass move from side to side
as I dramatically move my hips
you lightly spank me with the end of the leash
telling me not to be so saucy.

I'm yours to do with as you WANT.
You will mount me from behind
and fuck me.
You will grab my long black hair and twist it
tightly around your wrist as you pull
my head back as you thrust into me
with one long deep stroke
burying yourself so far into me
that I scream as my pussy stretchs
around your cock.
You tell me not to hold back.
You tell me it excites you
to hear me moan,scream, pant,
and especially beg.
"Beg!" you growl as you pull back
until just the head of your cock
is pressed against my pussy.
Moaning loudly, panting steadily
You lift your hand and bring back down
sharply on one ass cheeck.
I yelp.
Then you hear me chuckle softly.
You know I liked it.
And so again you spank my ass again
and again...and yet
again...leaving my cheeks red and sore.
I'm panting heavily.
You lean forward pushing my hair to one side of my face as you spot the collar around my neck
the leash dangling from it
you get a wicked gleam in your eyes.
you grab my chin to turn and look at you
my eyes are glazed over from pure lust
You pick up the leash and losely wrap it around the end of the bed post
we are facing the dressers large vanity mirror
the picture is extremely exotic.
You decide you can't wait any longer and
thrust into me taking out all your
male aggression on me
skin against skin
"fuck me fuck me"
"harder harder"
"deeper deaper"
"oh fuck yes baby"
as you make me cum
leaving me emotionally exhausted
physically sore, slightly bruised
and definately used.
Doggy Style so purely animalistic
so wild...

Nocturnal10 36M

4/19/2006 6:50 am

Doggy style .. I love it!!

rm_masterchaz30 48M
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4/25/2006 6:33 am

Nice touch. I often hear asian women scream when the head of my dick stretches their pussy. But they always take it all.

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