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10/8/2005 7:56 pm

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Hello again everyone. Have you ever met someone, and their presence was so strong, that all these words just started pouring out. And you just had to stop and write them down. It doesn't happen often enough for me, but one night I was at a strip club in Milwaukee, just chillin out, and this poem just burst out of my head. Hope you'all like it.......
Passion flares, my skin pales, as I gaze upon you. For when you move, your hips, your curves, make my heart skip a beat or two. Because when you’re near, I’m speechless and impaled, upon the beauty I see deep within you.

This social butterfly ignites my mind, into a million multicolored hues. Her warmth, her smile, lights the sky for miles, and will pull you out of the deepest of blues.

I watched her all night, & with all my might, I couldn’t say what I wanted to say. For the spell she cast, held my tongue in a vice-like grasp, as I watched her dance the hours away.

This place I’m in, is it Heaven within, or a make-believe setting in my mind. Encore is it’s name, but you’ll never be the same, as your fantasies dance all around you.

Oh Violet oh Violet, so confident, yet so unsure. Don’t fret and worry so, for you have nothing to prove. Just be yourself, smile and reveal you’re glowing inner-self, which no marks can ever scar. Just remember, for me, you will always be, beautiful inside and out.

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