The President's Cup Is Bringing out the Worst in Me.  

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9/25/2005 12:06 pm

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The President's Cup Is Bringing out the Worst in Me.

During the last month my heart was crushed by events in the United States. This time my emotions were triggered by a natural disaster they saw coming. Coming for days. Unlike 9/11, the destruction was inevitable -- even the USA can't battle a hurricane -- but the many lost lives could have been saved. So many people left behind. Too sad. And so sad to see President Bush only doing publicity tours. Before, during and after. The only damage control he is interested in is damage to his Administration.

I have been the watching the United States from Canada where I have been watching for something like half a century. I It has been very much a part of my very being.

Half of my genetic code came through the United States. A quarter from my mother and a quarter from my father. My history is that of America. I just don't live there, because my forefathers chose for some reason not to live there. The question of why often dominates my thinking.

I love going to the States. It is going to the circus and meeting the relatives all in one. Walking in our Mariner gear, my son and I are at home in Seattle. Our Mecca. First thing for my new grandson and my son's new nephew is a trip to Safeco and and the Music Experience Project: Hendrix t-shirts and nachos. And aircraft carriers.

The power of the U.S. government has always scared me. During the Cold War, I just hoped they new what they were doing. I even selected Richard Nixon as "Most Admired" person in tenth grade. Blew that one. And felt betrayed when I woke that nothing was being done to stop the war in Vietnam, that there were war machine corporations, that the truth had no meaning the President. So I grew up and turned to the revolution, then the War ended and I grew up and got a job and had kids and watched American TV. Numbed into submission.

So now I am old, well not that old, and keeping track of Canadians in the American Dream. Today, Mike Wier is battling the US with the rest of world in the President's Cup. At this writing he is one up. Go Mike!

Oh ya: Mike Wier lives in Utah.

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