Wildest Place you have Ever "done it"?  

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11/30/2005 5:33 pm

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Wildest Place you have Ever "done it"?

I was in Cancun when I met one of the wildest women of my life...

I was in a club and was getting the "eye" from this hottest babe in the club. She was dancing on the top of the bar and she asked me to help her down. After I obliged, she asked me to help her sister and friends down. After helping them down, I see my cock-blocking friend "hoard" the babe...little did I know, I got the better end of that deal.

I ended up with her sister who looked almost exactly like Elizabeth Shu. Wow! She had a tight body and an amazing "shake" to her on the dance floor.

We danced the night away and she asked me back to her place. I took the bus back with her and it was ON!

It got better the next day. We were on the deck of my condo in Cancun during BROAD DAYLIGHT. She rips off my shorts and goes to town on my cock. Instantly, it grew in her mouth. I quickly recipricated the favor. Before you know it, I am thrusting my cock in and out of her juicy pussy out on the balcony...keep in mind, it is BROAD DAYLIGHT with people ABOVE us, BELOW us, and BESIDES us!

We had a captive audience for the show. I didn't care. After about twenty minutes, I blew my wad. She instantly stuck my cock back into her mouth and pulled it out just long enough to say "You are going to FUCK me AGAIN!"

Wow! I somehow got rock hard and fucked her for another 45 minutes...I wanted to cum so bad but for some reason it held out!

When it was finally time to cum, she whipped it out of her amazing twat and shot my hot spew all over her BIG chest.

I was fatigued. Mentally and Physically. She knew how to drain every bit of baby batter out of me. We went down to poolside only to be told by many that we put on a "great show".

After more beer and rest poolside, we proceeded to the beach. It was getting close to dark. We walked the beach for about an hour and found a nice little "cove" to go for rounds 3 & 4.

Needless to say, my dick felt like someone had rubbed sandpaper on it after she concluded with me!

Hands down, the best PUBLIC escapade EVER!

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