Bfemme gone AlixonCave (A Rant)  

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4/26/2006 6:58 pm

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Bfemme gone AlixonCave (A Rant)

For those who are unaware (everyone but me). My user name on AdultFriendFinder use to be BFemme. Why the change? Am I hiding from someone? Am I in a witness protection program? No and No. It was not of my own volition that I changed my user name. I had to change it because I deleted my profile and was unaware that by doing this it also meant that should I want to join again I would have to do so under a different user name. bahh hum bug.

Now the real question maybe why did I delete my profile? Not really sure. I had been on the site for a bit and then I realize that the persons on the site with the exception of a very few were not anyone I I believe I wanted to meet. My purpose for being here was obviously beyond the notion of most. I wanted a relationship they wanted some sex. I at least wanted someone who could conduct a conversation. They wanted some sex. I wanted to meet like minded people. They wanted hmm bi-curious sex.(not sure what the heck that is lol. Will address that in another post).
After realizing that most of my needs- as general and simple as they were- would more than likely never be found here. I deleted my profile.

So why am I back. I said what the heck. I had met one person here that was at least partially sane. I was bored and really had no I joined again and decided to go about it differently. I emailed persons and tried to chat like that instead of the forum. I met a few good folks and we are still pals. Sometimes life is better the second time around. lol

That does not however mean that I am sometimes upset and say I will delete my profile. But when that thought comes up now. I simply hide my profile lol

AlixonCave 40F

9/15/2007 8:04 pm

Cool but hostile. That generally would sum my personality up.

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