I had a interesting day  

Alfredoelhombre 42M
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8/20/2006 6:49 pm
I had a interesting day

I really had the privi of carrying on a conversation with someone from this site that I really have grown to enjoy. I'm sorry for those who may read this blog hoping for some assinine comments or something entertaining. I guess this is for those who actually are capable of relating to people beyond the primal instinct to drop and stick (aka fuck).
I mention this conversation because I've actually had horrible conversations with people here. I mean people who claim to be intellegent but are uncapable of understanding or relating to what I say. For me, sex is made better by communication and through that communication two people are able to connect in every way.. fulfill every need because they are contious of eachothers wants and desires. That is more than sex and a less than making love. It is on some plain that I feel most search for, but due to that lack of communication, are not capable of finding.
Now, you might say that sometimes you just want to fuck. But if the other person relates to you as I hope you do to them, they'll know. So in there is no absence of communication though you are just fucking.
I guess this is why I don't respond to a lot of emails from people. If I didn't, it was because I don't think we can share that communication. And I'm not going to settle. To those who I've chatted with and know a little about me, you'll know how long I've waited to find that.... Trust me, it is worth it.
Well, take care all... ya me voy. Si tu quieres este mensaje en espaƱol.. dime y lo dare..


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