What do YOU do?  

AlbertPrince 58M
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9/6/2005 1:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What do YOU do?

Q. What's the difference between Love, True Love and Showing Off?

A. Spit, Swallow and Gargle!

But what I want to know ladies, is what do you think is the right thing to do, and why? Would you prefer a pearl necklace or do you like it in your hair?

And do you think that we should give you a warning, so that you actually get to make the choice?

And gents, feel free to let me have your views too!

freetime648 52F

9/6/2005 4:37 am

Al....let me get back to you on that one but..if it helps at all...think the term "waste not want not" describes it best for me!

xx FREETIME648 xx

AlbertPrince 58M

9/6/2005 7:02 am

Free - if you need anyone to critique your technique, I'm at the head of the queue

AlbertPrince 58M

9/6/2005 7:03 am

Linda - looks like you have chosen to gargle in that picture.

wyvernrose 38F
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9/6/2005 7:20 am

I swallow for boney....otherwise boys pearl necklaces are lovely

anyway I don't spit don't warn me I bite and it hurts

but I usually know anyway you can feel it before it arrives

Oh did I mention I deepthroat


AlbertPrince 58M

9/6/2005 7:34 am

Wyvern - deepthroat - that's something else I should have asked about. Do you like to have your head pulled in so we're forced down your throat, or should we leave that choice up to you?

helga_hansen 49F  
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9/7/2005 11:59 pm

*Helga doesn't really like getting it in her hair... too sticky* A pearl necklace is nice. I always lick/swallow... never gargle or spit... what a waste!!

And a warning is nice... only so that I can move my hair out of the way!

Not sure about the deep throat stuff... as SSS says... that gag reflex is quite strong when it gets activated!!


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

AlbertPrince 58M

9/9/2005 12:18 pm

Many men find it highly arousing to see their partner swallow their ejaculate. However, this is really more of an emotional desire than a physical one. Where exactly the semen goes after it leaves your boyfriend's penis does not impact his sensations.
For many men, it is much more about a feeling of acceptance by their partner; it may feel like a form of rejection of him when you spit. On the other hand, that does not mean that you should be engaging in behavior that you don't enjoy. So what can you do to please your boyfriend without doing something you hate? What many couples have compromised on is that the man withdraws his penis prior to orgasm and ejaculates on his partner. Alternatively, instead of spitting, you can let his semen slowly, sensuously, drain out of your mouth. I guarantee he will like that.

No matter what you do, it is much more about attitude and context. There is a tremendous difference between letting his ejaculate dribble out of your smiling mouth, and jumping up to run to the bathroom to gargle!

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