The Practical Uses of Pee  

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12/16/2005 1:44 am

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The Practical Uses of Pee

Tanning Hides

In the first century AD, the Roman's so valued the use of urine in the tanning industry that they imposed a tax upon it (the Roman Pee Tax). Most cultures never went that far in acclaiming it's worth. However vast numbers of cultures did discover the value of urine in tanning animal skins. Some merely sprinkled (tinkled?) urine on the toughest part of the hide, to soften it for working, while others actually soaked the hide directly in a container of pee.

One of the tasks acomplished through pee soaking was to dissolve fatty tissues and flesh that had remained on the hide after skinning. Once soaked in urine, the tissues semi-dissolved and could be scraped off much more easily. (Flesh left on the hide will stiffen and rot.) In a later phase of the tanning process, urine is rubbed onto the outside of the skin to remove any unwanted hair as well as the out layer of skin. Mixed with quicklime and wood ash, the urine loosens the hair, allowing it to be scraped off.

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Ladys take note if you use those lotions to remove leg hair. read the bottle carefuly.

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LMAOOOOOO, pee and brains work on hides....T


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DT ~ not keen on pee??

angel ~ I bet you DO

oldman ~ and if they can't afford the lotion, I'm sure you will volunteer to pee on them

silky ~ you not keen either?

frbnks ~ indded they do

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