The Dangers of Masturbation  

AlbertPrince 58M
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11/14/2005 2:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Dangers of Masturbation

In their post The Traveling Five Speed Sex Show, Episode 4, Male Off-hand Masturbation, travelingintexas and five_rides_again discussed using one hand more than the other while masturbating.

Like five_rides_again I too use my left hand almost exclusively when I flog my dolphin.

But I feel I should draw your attention to the photo of me accompanying this post and point out the dangers of only using one hand.

Take my advice and alternate daily between hands if you don't want to end up like me.

JJKittyKat 59F

11/14/2005 3:14 am

I did wonder about that

tillerbabe 56F

11/14/2005 3:32 am

Great advice.....I've been wondering my my right hand feels so,,,umm.. tired...

spinmedown 49M
3626 posts
11/14/2005 5:02 am

And the resulting curvature!
I now have to stand in the tub to hit the toilet.

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde


11/14/2005 7:14 am

I stopped by to say hello,
Thank you for that info I will be compelled to check every man's arms today.

rm_JustCallMeDT 50F

11/14/2005 7:48 am

lmfao...what a pic.

helga_hansen 49F  
1987 posts
11/14/2005 10:28 am

Looks like you're going to have to start flogging that dolphin with your right hand then, hhhmmmm? I'd offer to flog it for you, but I don't want to end up looking like half an Arnie!!


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

GentlemanLeisure 54M
192 posts
11/14/2005 2:44 pm

Can we do a census on right-handed males and which hand they prefer, pls? I'm really worried now...

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/14/2005 4:07 pm

lol thanks for the info sexy

love silky xxxxxxxxxx


11/14/2005 11:15 pm

geesh wonder what it does for us female masterbaters? lol

HardlyYours4Now 52M

11/15/2005 2:11 am

Albert - there are so many ways we wouldn't want to end up like you...

frangipanigal 45F
10406 posts
11/15/2005 3:54 am

Morale to the story....get someone else to do it for you.

Cant have you all lop-sided can we!


AlbertPrince 58M

11/15/2005 4:51 am

JJ - my left hand gets all the exercise, solo or otherwise, no wonder it's that size.

tiller - want me to take over for you?

spin - that's great, i hope they are in the same room

miss kink - only the men?

DT - have you checked 5's arms?

HH - yeah i must remember to switch, but my right hand is usually holding the instruction book

pauli - i prefer someone else's hand

silky - come and give me a hand with my research

wet - great offer, thanks

LQQKIN - let me know when you find out

hardly - and yet, so many ways you would too?

frangi - nope, nothing worse than a lop sided wanker

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