Real Life Cyber Sex 12 (part 1)  

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9/22/2005 12:26 am

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Real Life Cyber Sex 12 (part 1)

VictimX_27: Hi there!
bloodninja: HEYA!
VictimX_27: What u up 2?
bloodninja: Nice English.
bloodninja: Did you learn that on the short bus?
VictimX_27: Get fucked
bloodninja: I'm just joking relax
bloodninja: What's your name?
VictimX_27: What’s yours?
bloodninja: I asked you first.
VictimX_27: I asked you second
bloodninja: Did I time just warp to middle school?
VictimX_27: huh
bloodninja: Never mind. My name is Johnny
bloodninja: Johnny Cheesedog
VictimX_27: That’s not your real name
bloodninja: Why isn't that my real name?
VictimX_27: No one has the name Cheesedog as a last name
bloodninja: Well I do. What’s wrong with it?
VictimX_27: Nothin I suppose
VictimX_27: Is that your real pic in that advert?
bloodninja: Yes it is
VictimX_27: Very handsome
bloodninja: Thanks
VictimX_27: You kinda look like eminem
bloodninja: Fuck you.
VictimX_27: HEY! I meant that in a good way
VictimX_27: I think eminem is hot!
bloodninja: Oh. You think I'm hot?
VictimX_27: Yeah
bloodninja: What do you look like?
bloodninja: Do you have a pic?
VictimX_27: I don't show my picture to anyone
bloodninja: Why not?
VictimX_27: Cause I'm ugly
bloodninja: I won't make fun of you
VictimX_27: Its not that. I just don't like my looks
bloodninja: So you have no self-esteem, huh?
bloodninja: Is that what you're saying?
VictimX_27: I just don't think I'm pretty
bloodninja: Let me be the judge of that.
VictimX_27: Nahhh
bloodninja: Then describe yourself.
VictimX_27: Why do u wanna know what I look like?
bloodninja: Because I think you're nice
bloodninja: I want to picture you in my head while I'm talking to you.
VictimX_27: LMAO!! You don't want 2 picture me. Trust me
bloodninja: Why not?
VictimX_27: I told you. I'm ugly.
bloodninja: Well... I think you're beautiful on the inside.
VictimX_27: You don't even know me
bloodninja: I'm a pretty good judge of character
VictimX_27: Then why do u need 2 see me?
bloodninja: I just wanted to know that’s all
bloodninja: If you aren't comfortable with it... that’s fine.
VictimX_27: You don't understand
bloodninja: Is it that bad?
VictimX_27: YESSSSS
bloodninja: Ok then. I'm gonna picture you as Weezy from the Jeffersons.
bloodninja: She is the bomb!
bloodninja: She makes me hot just thinking about her!
VictimX_27: Wheezy?
bloodninja: Yep. Weezy.
VictimX_27: Who is that?
bloodninja: George's wife.
VictimX_27: Who is george
bloodninja: George Jefferson. From the Jeffersons.
bloodninja: Are you fucking deaf?
VictimX_27: Who are the Jeffersons?
bloodninja: Oh lord. Here we go
VictimX_27: wut?
bloodninja: You don't know who the Jeffersons are?
VictimX_27: Should I?
bloodninja: Yes.
VictimX_27: Well I don't.
VictimX_27: huhhh?
VictimX_27: Wut the hell are you saying?
bloodninja: Hold on a second
bloodninja: Here you go. *PIC*
VictimX_27: That’s her?
bloodninja: Yep
VictimX_27: I don't look anything like that
bloodninja: SHUT UP! You're ruining my fantasy!
VictimX_27: LOL. You're funny.
bloodninja: What's funny?
VictimX_27: u r
bloodninja: I'm glad I entertain you
VictimX_27: me 2
bloodninja: So if you don't look like Weezy, what do you look like?
VictimX_27: u don't give up do u?
bloodninja: Never
VictimX_27: I'm the exact opposite of her
bloodninja: ???
VictimX_27: I'm very white
bloodninja: Thats cool, my white anti-soul sista'
VictimX_27: LOL
bloodninja: I can dig white chicks too, I guess.
VictimX_27: I'm whiter than most
bloodninja: really?
VictimX_27: I'm an albino
bloodninja: a what?
VictimX_27: u don't know what that is?
bloodninja: I've heard the word before
VictimX_27: I have no pigment in my skin, eyes or hair
VictimX_27: So I'm all white
bloodninja: This is bullshit
VictimX_27: I'm serious!
VictimX_27: You've never seen an albino before?
bloodninja: No. Where do they live? Albania?
VictimX_27: No, we live all over.
bloodninja: Then how come I've never seen any
VictimX_27: Lucky I suppose
bloodninja: Send me your picture. I wanna know what an albino looks like.
VictimX_27: I'll send you a picture of one but not me
bloodninja: Ok
VictimX_27: Here u go *PIC*
bloodninja: Whoa. That’s freaky
VictimX_27: See why I don't send my picture out?
bloodninja: there's nothing wrong with it.
bloodninja: It doesn't make you ugly
bloodninja: This chick is kind of hot actually.
VictimX_27: Thank u
bloodninja: No problem
bloodninja: Her, not you. I don't know what you look like.
VictimX_27: Are you gonna be on in 3 hours?
bloodninja: Yes
VictimX_27: I have to go to the mall with my sister
VictimX_27: Will you be here when I get back?
bloodninja: Sure. Then I'll sex you up.
VictimX_27: Gee thanks. LOL
bloodninja: I'm serious
VictimX_27: We'll see.
bloodninja: Yes we will.
VictimX_27: Bye for now!
bloodninja: Make sure you wear some sunscreen.

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And yet another.. not so succesful chat.. lol

AlbertPrince 58M

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EE - you would be surprised. Some of my conversations produce remakably good results!!

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