Three Dumb Jokes  

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8/30/2006 11:04 am

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Three Dumb Jokes

Q: Where do you find a dog with no legs
A: Right where you left him.

Q: What kind of coffee did they serve on the Titanic?
A: Sank-a

(Does Sanka still exist?)

A little boy bangs on his neighbor's door. The lady of the house answers. The boy asks if Johnny can come out and play baseball. The woman says, "Now, you know that Johnny doesn't have any arms or legs"

"I know" answers the boy, "but we need a second base".

OK ... two dumb jokes and one sick one.

However, the sick one makes me think. In that situation, would I rather be in bed alone, or second base? I think second base.

want2play926 45F

8/31/2006 5:26 am


that is too funny!

Alannc4900 replies on 8/31/2006 6:33 am:
Thanks ... good to see you this am!

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