What I want to do tonight...  

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1/27/2006 4:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What I want to do tonight...

TGIF!!!! What I want most of all tonight is a fuckin good time. Changin my clothes as soon as Im done and hittin the streets for a good time. I just want to hang with my boys and meets some nice lookin women and who knows. I drove around all day at woprk thinkin how God damn horny I am right now. Its been a bout 2 weeks and I need some down right dirty sex. Sure I could make some phone calls and hook up with an old flame/ But I think tonight the thrill will be in the hunt.

Im sure some of you would agree the hunt is such a rush. The idea of see someone you think is sexy and hot as hell. Then making the move to get that sweet end result. Im a typical guy I love sex in any way or position. That feel of soft flesh from a woman. Overdrive??? her hair brushing across my chast as she lay atop me movinig in tune with me. What can I say this has to be done. I do have a soft side to me thats true but for the most part Im just like most people. If I want someting that bad like an animal I just go for it and take it.

Ladies if your into crazy hot sex hit me up. Open your mind and the rest comes easy. If you put your mind to it sex can truly blow you away.... As for tonight I will have a good time and I hope all of you out there get what you want as well. See ya on the next page people i am out.

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