Is age truly a determining factor or is it a purely a number  

Agent_69_NM 52M
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5/8/2006 11:09 pm

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8/7/2009 12:59 pm

Is age truly a determining factor or is it a purely a number

Hello and welcome to another blog. What is age? it is often a determining factor on whether your viable or not; in life; in work; in relationships; in general.

Is it more than that? Are we truly judged if we can maintain, hold share a relationship? If we can perform sexually, make a good mate?

I would hope not as many magnificent people throughout the ages have been older. Myself I am 41. What does that mean to me? Nothing purely a number.

Animals basically when mating look for the younger stronger ones. Could that mean something? Men like the company of both older but often younger woman as they get older. Could it be that they fear getting older and losing their "Sexual Vitality"?

Women are often attracted to older men. Why could it be they are gracefully aging, they are stable, they are successful, they take their time and truly have their mates interests in hand (No pun intended - I prefer Hand, mouth and tongue and cock when I have my mates interest in mind).

No matter what age is. I have officially found it to be a detriment in these kind of dating sites. Why who knows I am open to responses. Especially from women of all ages. So happy posters, AdultFriendFinder-ers, let me know what ya think!


rm_Brandon1971 40M
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5/29/2006 12:03 pm

Well said. I am sure based on your profile and this blog, if I had a wife...she would enjoy your company. I have meet many girls/women with understandings of Friends with Benefits. That is what I believe any an open-minded person.

Hope you get those meetings...and find a friend to your needs.


southwestpeach 56F

12/6/2006 1:17 pm

As sad as it maybe... for me...age is an issue...... men in there 20's though yummy and fun.. are hard for me to play with... though i know i could rock their worlds.. and enjoy all that they have to give me... i would absolutely have to have a mind block to be with them because of their age.. I know that might sound silly... just.. i believe boys (young men) need to expeirment with the girls their age until they can give the mature woman (like myself) all that she needs.. desires. lolol or maybe.. i just need to let go and let those younger men.. rock my world (well at least my body) for a while...
Happy holidays... xxx

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6/13/2008 1:45 pm

i have been with men that where 20yrs older thin me, the sex was good. i went back for more. and i have been with men that where younger thin i and had just as much fun. gone back to a few. the last guy i was with was 50yrs and damm he was good.
it is fun to show men what to do, and to be shown. just remember to keep an open mind. you never know what can trun you on, rock your world.

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