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10/25/2005 6:07 am

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wanna see?






The words. Dirty words. The words I love to hear coming out of your mouth. Not in that general way, but in that specific way, that that touch this, use this, cause this way. A way that tells me that I have you where I want you, and the censor you have over your thoughts and actions has been destroyed, leaving only...me. The words are a giveaway, letting me know that your desire to be "right" and "normal" has given in to your need.

Getting to the words is one of those "easier said than done" things where the actual execution is a simple thing, but it's going to take plenty of motivation for you to get there. Motivation I am happy to give. I will tease you, tempt you, keep you on edge until you give me what I want. My strategy is simple: I'll make your need eclipse you totally, until you would say anything, give me anything, if only ... And then I'll give it to you, and drive your need even further.

What want is for you to ask. Don't really care what it is that you ask for, I just want you to ask. Understand I can make you wet, understand I can make you cum, understand I can make you want the things that are your darkest needs. But for me, making you want, while great, is not quite enough. I want to make you want so hard that you'll do anything to get it, and all you need to do is ask.

I want you to be specific. Not just because I enjoy the words, but because If you say what you want, in that state where you are only need, you will tell us both what you want most. What you think you want now is not always what will come out of your mouth. I would like if you were as surprised as I am by what you need, and just as turned on.

Then, only then when you have asked me, using those sweet dirty words will I give you that final push. You'll go over the edge, and then I'll use those same words to tell you, let you know how I am feeling, how you are driving me, helping me push you to where you always wanted to be. At that point, you will be beyond words.

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