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Lets play.

We meet in a private room. You bring me a present.
You kiss me on my mouth [hi, nice to meet you.] I look up at you and almost whimper when you pull away from me. I can't believe how horny I am after my short play time right before I showered. You are rummaging through your overnight bag and my knees go weak when I see the vibrator you pull out. It is probably six inches long and a couple inches wide, and has a clit stimulator on it, and there are two straps that will conveniently hold it in place for hands-free fun. My eyes widen and meet yours, your grin is wicked and you hold it out for me as you say, “Put it on my pet, and then find something to wear, we’re going out to celebrate our new arrangement tonight. And if you’re a good girl, you’ll get a reward when we get home.”

I accept the vibrator and lean back into the bed, I think I'll do a little teasing of my own, give you the perfect view as I slowly slid my legs through the straps and bring the vibrator up to my already soaking pussy. “May I master?” I say in a whisper.

You nod, accepting my out of turn speaking, and I know I'll probably get punished for it later. I slide the smooth vibrator inside me completely and can barely contain the moan that threatens to escape when it presses against both my g-spot and my clit. I can barely stand up when I go over to my dresser to grab a short, tight summer dress. I slide it up my body and You come up behind me to slide the zipper home. But right when the zipper finds its place I almost fall to my knees as the vibrator suddenly turns on, I can't contain the moan it causes as I hold on to the drawer for support.

“I forgot to mention I have the control my pet. You must get control of yourself. We’re going out in public.” You turn and leave the room, expecting me to follow. You let the vibrator continue to pulse against my most sensitive areas and I take a deep breath as I tryto compose myself.

The ride in the car is a quick adventure to cloud nine and back as I come as soon as the sleek black sports car purres into life. My moans come out unhindered and you turn to me with a frown. “My pet, you are really going to have to learn to control yourself. You are not allowed to cum without me letting you.” You pull the small controller out of your jacket pocket and you turn the speed of the toy up as a small punishment. “Remember, it will just get worse if you don’t obey me.”

When the five minute ride to a popular club in town is over, I can barely walk to the front door. We avoid the block long line and go straight to the giant sized bouncer, you shake hands with the man as he usheres us inside. Your grin is huge as you notice the different men staring at me.

You find empty seats at a table in a dark corner, you take your seat but tell me to stand where I am so the men can get a good look at me. This goes on for a few minutes before you demand I sit as you get up to talk to someone. I watch as you grab one of my admirers and pull him aside to talk. The admirer i smiling and I wonder what is happening. When you come back the other man followes.
“Pet, this is Adam. Adam this is the woman you were so openly looking at.” They shake hands and I scramble to my feet as you reach your hand into your pocket. “Pet, I want you to dance with him out there for awhile. Put on a show for me.” I nod as Adam leads me to the dimly lit dance floor.

Adam pulls me close against him and grinds his form into mine. His hands started to caress my body more intimately and my gaze shoots up to his and then across the floor to you. You just grin and wave the little controller in the air. Adam leanes his head in and is softly biting right behind my ear. I realized that you must have told him the spots that would drive me crazy, because my knees again feet like they are going to give out and throw me to the floor. I have to bite my lip to keep myself from moaning as his hand moves down to stroke the top of my pussy [*moan*]. But after a few songs, and endless torture, Adam finally brings me weak-kneed back to the table. You grin and say a farewell to Adam as you stand and lead me out a back door that leads to an alley.

“What a good little pet for doing as she was told. I think we should get home, and I’ll let you have a treat.” I whimper softly as your hand flies to your pocket and the speed of the toy increases tenfold.

The car trip back to our hotel room is all a blur as I try [desperatly, vainly] to hold back the orgasm that threatens to overwhelm me. Before I know it, you and I are back in the room as if we had never left. I am leaning against the bed for support as you slip out of your jacket. You sit down on the edge of the mattress and point to the floor in front of you as I obediently fall to the floor. I sit there and looked up at you. Your hand reaches down and gently strokes down my hair. “Such a good pet tonight. Go ahead and give me a kiss.”

I try to sit up and give you the kiss you ask for but you shake your head, pushing me back down to the floor again. “Not there, pet.” You say as if teaching me a lesson. Your hands go to the bulge in your pants. I grin with the enlightenment and reach up to release you from your bindings.

I scoot closer to you and cradle your throbbing seven inch beauty out for our enjoyment [lick,lick]. I immediately slid you into my warm mouth, spending a few torturous minutes playing with the head. My hand comes up to aide me in my reward, slowly stroking up and down the staff. My mouth bobbing up and down as I deep throat you. My eyes locked on you the entire time and your deep groans only causing me to smile around my mouthful. You grab the control to the toy and turn it to its top speed, a deep growl leaving your lips as you demand, “You can cum now my little slut.” And I nearly scream around your cock as the swiftness of the speed immediately causes me to go over the edge.

I let my master’s member slide out of my mouth so I could catch my breath, you reach down and tug on my hair until I am looking at you with a glazed look my release had put on my face. “Do you want my cum, slut?” You ask and I nod enthusiastically. You slowly slide your throbbing cock back into the warm cavern of my mouth and demand that I suck. My tongue darts against the vein that is pulsing along the length of you and I nearly purr in pleasure as the spurts of your warm, sticky cum slide down my throat. I dodn’t spill a drop as you thrust deep inside my mouth.

As the last drops of your cum spill from the head of your cock, you slide from my mouth and jerk me up and onto the bed. Your needs are animalistic now, and I know I am about to get an even better reward. You grab the fabric of my dress and tear it open, releasing my breasts and leaving me naked, except for the toy, in front of you once again.

You reach down and grab the straps that hold the toy in place and pull the toy out causing me to close my eyes and bite my lip with the loss. But my pussy won't be empty long, you shove your long hard cock in place of the toy. You bring my legs up to your shoulders as you pound inside of me. You give me permission to scream, and that is exactly what I do as you bring me over the edge over and over again. My body is shaking with the intensity of each release and when you thrust in as deep as possible and groan my name, I know you have found your release again as well. You fall on your side, bringing me with you, still buried deep inside, your hand strokes down my back.

“Such a good pet, you make your master very happy.” I purr in response, liking this new situation I find myself in.

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