a strange combination of pleasurable experience and painful stimulation.  

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10/31/2005 8:15 pm

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a strange combination of pleasurable experience and painful stimulation.

I am a woman who most of the time lives within her own mind. I have the ability to arouse myself purely through my imagination. Whole worlds and days and conversations are lived within me.
I do not invest a lot of stock on looks alone. Like anyone else I drink in a person through the eyes but all those things can be blown away in an instant by someone who may not be what everyone else considers "attractive".

I prefer sexiness to any perceived physical beauty.

Many people on this site want to email one day and fuck the next...but for me to get that far into it, there has to be a mind connection before there will be a body connection. I want to need you and want you so much that it will be beyond me to resist. I want our encounter to be something that you never forget. I think I am allowed to want this for myself.

My sexuality is about me and who I choose to share it with must be worthy of my time as I should act accordingly and be worthy of their time as well. This is all a game and the rules I play with may not be yours so you may choose to back out at any time and go home. That is fine. But those who choose to stay till the end will not be disappointed. Just like anything in life that takes effort to achieve, the prize at the end of the road will be worth it for all parties involved because it will be earned.

I want to rock your world.

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