Woman, thou art wanted.  

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11/12/2005 3:20 am

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Woman, thou art wanted.

A colorless 3-month-old parrot sat gingerly on my shoulder, digging in talons & whispered blissful secrets of other far away lands to me. Afterward it advanced to biting my thumb till blood flowed. I named him Barreta & resolve to capture him on film in the next two weeks. The wings were clipped & a glistening snow-white exotic bird deserves to fly.

A psychologically handicapped man on the street. Stares up at the people entering his realm. His eyes reach her & the leather bound wrists, carelessly placed beads in the hair, braids covering the purple flower eyes. He reaches for her hand she lets go of a shiver up the spine, hating to be touched by anyone, the only exception lovers. He pulls her down to sit next to him & stutters his words out, admiring the skin & the color of her mouth. She is not uncomfortable but smiles & listen to him & his tales of lonesomeness for 4 stops.

dead end.


I danced to hip-hop & 80’s for an hour in the morning, bobbing my head up & down & mouthing the words perfectly. I was burrowing throughout heaps of fishnet, webbing, mesh, leather, colored lace, yoga pants & everything else that infuriatingly rests on my closet floor. Unfound were the necessary work clothes, as I start my day preparing for work for another brain dead mind numb fuck my day up. These days when I rummage through my guts, I resurface with nervous frustration but also with power..

file past the next clip.

For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. [That is a fragment in itself] Contentment and ephemeral otherworldly beauty can’t always be trailed by the parallel reactions. I choke on words I forget to chew. The ancients retained this but we seem to have elapsed that suffering is essential to the paths in life. Now it is called a life threatening sickness. We are all solitaries situated somewhere in a space that we cannot locate. The futile attempts to pick me up by my hair and shriek, “ What are you thinking!” will not get you through or inside.
One moment in time, she’ll draw back, she’ll draw quick. & That will be that. Click click. My guitar discovered it was just a piece of wood, and it stopped playing it’s millennial ethos.

Woman you torment me.

Your hands coupling my bottom and pulling me tightly against your rigid body, the feel of your hot breath as you suckled on my nipple, pulling, increasing the pressure until piercing stabs of pleasure and pain were shooting rhythmically though my entire body. My fingers slinging through your wild hair, holding your head pulling you closer wanting you to never leave, never to stop this sweet torment.

In one smooth motion your body shifted, your mouth hungry; devouring mine. As your fingers slide between my thighs. Teasing softly, my body surrendered to your gentle persuasion, my hips aching sweetly into your hand as your fingers moved in and out of my wet warmth as I clung to your shoulders begging you for more.

Your face dark with passion, your shoulders and arms taunt with the strain of holding back, your breathing fast and labored. Touching your lips with mine, I realized how desperately you wanted me, how much control you were exerting, to stop yourself form taking me like a brute. I could feel the heat of your want pressing against my soul.

A groan erupted form your mouth at the feel of my touch and your restrain shattered, you plunged shy fingers into me deeper and harder then ever before, a shivering ecstasy peirced my body, sending steaks of pleasure that came faster and faster as your steadily increased the tempo of your deep, driving thrusts until they erupted in an explosion that tore a scream from my throat. Bending your head you muffled my moan with your mouth and drove fingers into me that one last desperate time and joining me in my sweet oblivion.

The wind cooling our sweaty bodies, our heavy breathing slowly steadied out. You looked at me then, saw the lust that still lingered in my eyes, my mouth red, bruised by your rough kisses, my hair spilling over us as to drape us from any who would wander into the night. My back bruised form the force as you drove into me, pushing me into the crude wall, little scrapes where a brick bit into me leaving its mark , to remind me of this night, to remind me of you.

One last kiss and you pulled away from me, the soft touch of your lips on my mouth as you said good bye, that gentle feel of your finger as you brushed my tears away.

I will never forget that, even if the bruises do fade away I will never forget you
lets fuck.

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