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10/15/2005 7:30 am

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Last night...

Last night I went out to dinner with J. at The Olive Garden. My husband went out with C. for a few drinks at a local bar and I wasn't expecting him back until late or early this morning, C. being a very hot dish (*rawr*). I have had my fun with C. and I know that she is good for those all nighters.
Dinner was filled with a lot of sexual tension and lots of secret flashing to get us both hot. It was very hard to remain in the restaurant, so we decided to skip dinner and go straight into dessert. He paid the bill (what a gentle man!) and we left feeling very flustered. When we were safely outside under the cover of darkness I pushed him back against the hood of his car and took his face in my hands, kissing him none too gently. At first he was surprised but he recovered quickly and kissed me back just as wildly. I took his bottom lip between my teeth and bit down only to suck on it afterwards to soothe the sting as my hands massaged his hardening cock through his pants. He tried to deepen the kiss but instead I drew my lips down his chin and neck, kissing my way down his body until I reached his erection and I push him further back against his car until he was sitting on its hood.

I unzipped his trousers, freeing his now swollen cock and I ran my tongue over the tip and along its rim but never taking it into my mouth. I kiss and lick and nibble my way down one side of his shaft and work my way back up the other side, reaching the top once again and then swirling my tongue over the head. I pulled back as he tried to press further into my mouth, and then I just took the very tip into my mouth, I sucked softly and gently. Again he tried to push his cock deeper whispering to me, “Take the head into your mouth,” and with that I stood up and kissed him quickly, telling him to follow me home, pronto, and then I walked away.

I reached the valet and give him my key card and he ran off to find my car. He pulled around and stopped by the exit of the restaurant, watching me through his window, waiting impatiently. My car arrived and I got in, tipping the valet and moments later we are off speeding down the highway towards home. I pulled into the parking lot with him just seconds behind me and we hurryed through the garage of my house, ducking in through the garage door and kissing madly all the way up to my bedroom. We finally made it into the bedroom and I pushed him backwards onto the bed his arms pulled me down to stretch out on top of him.

I took his hands from around my waist and pulled them up over his head, spreading soft little kisses all over his face. With one hand I pulled the scarf I have hidden beneath my pillow and looped it around his wrists, knotting it firmly, the other end of the scarf already tied to one of the slats in the headboard.

I sat up, straddling his hips and proceed to unbutton his shirt slowly, kissing my way down his chest inch by inch. I worked my mouth over to one of his nipples, flicking my tongue over it repeatedly and then pulling on it with my lips, sucking the hardened little nub into my mouth and rubbing my tongue over it. I turned my head giving the same attention to his other nipple while I grind the apex of my thighs down against his erection. Slowly I worked my mouth down over his stomach and against his navel, unbuttoning his pants and pushing them down along with his underwear. Over his hips and further down his thighs, stopping only to remove his shoes and socks, then finally pulling his legs free from the confines of his clothing.

Starting at his ankle, I slowly licked and kissed my way up the inside of his leg, pausing to kiss the back of his knee, them moving further up to bite him gently on the inside of his thigh. Higher up, still, to kiss and lick him just beneath his balls. I raised my head to run my tongue up along his hipbones to kiss him just below his belly button as he pushed his hips up, pressing the head of his dick against my cheek. Knowing that he wanted me to suck his cock I flicked my tongue along the tip before using my lips to tug gently on the hair trailing down his navel, dipping my tongue into his belly button and then moving higher up along his stomach to his ribcage. I used my tongue along the ticklish spots and pressed my lips to each rib until I was astride his hips once again.

I sat up and rocked my hips back and forth, grinding my pussy into the length of his erection as I pulled my top up and over my head, dropping it to the floor. I leaned forward, brushing my nipple over his chin to his lips pulling back before he can take it into his mouth. I leaned down as if to kiss him and I flick my tongue against his lips, pulling away as his tongue flicked out to meet mine. Over and over again, I tease himed, flicking my tongue against his lips with the promise of a kiss and pulling away at the last second, never to be consummated.

I sat up once again, continuing to press my hips down against him while running my nails up my stomach to cup a breast in each hand, pulling and pinching my nipples between my fingers. I reach up and pulled the pins from my hair, letting it tumble down my back and over my shoulders and I leaned down to press my tits into him and slide my body down his, dragging my hair over his chest. I kissed his stomach and he pushed his hips against my face, telling me to suck his cock. Using just my mouth, I pressed his dick down against him flicking my tongue along the rim of the head but never taking it into my mouth.

I straddled his hips once again, setting myself down against him carefully, not allowing him to penetrate, pressing his swollen cock down against his stomach while the slippery lips of my pussy separated around its shaft. I rocked my hips back and forth, sliding my clit along the entire length of his dick from base to tip, I pulled my skirt up around my waist and then squeezed my tits and pulled on my nipples. Keeping my thighs firmly locked around his thrusting hips, I pressed harder against his straining cock, the friction against my clit was almost unbearable when I stopped to scoot further up on his stomach until I was almost straddling his chest.

Supporting my weight on my knees, I spread my thighs wider giving him a better view of my drenched pussy. I Used one hand to play with my tits and pull on my nipples, the other I used to slide between my thighs and I used my fingers to separate my lips to find my swollen clit. Slowly I pressed against it, rubbing it from side to side until I couldn’t stand it and I plunged my fingers deep inside my pussy. Slowly I withdrew my fingers and plunge deeply once again, only to withdraw once more and then to thrust even deeper still. Over and over, a little harder and a little deeper with each thrust, I fucked myself with my fingers while he twisted and squirmed beneath me, helpless to do anything but watch.

Soon my moaning got louder and I started alternating between rubbing my clit and frantically thrusting my fingers deeper and deeper inside myself. Over and over and over, thrusting and rubbing and thrusting some more until my orgasm exploded deep in my pussy and ripped through my body and I collapsed into a quivering heap on top of him.

This is my favorite bedtime activity...and you?

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